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When did spiders become so associated with Halloween?

Asked by marinelife (61737points) October 31st, 2011

I am an arachnophobe. I don’t even like to see images of the shapes of spiders.

So now I hate Halloween. When I was a kid, it was pumpkins, ghosts, gravestones, goblins, jack o’lanterns, bats, witches, skeletons. Bit spiders were non-existent or a minor part of things. Now, webbing and spiders are everywhere, almost one of the main symbols of the holiday.

When and why did that happen?

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Spiders are scary, on an almost societal level, just like ghosts, skeletons etc. Although wasn’t halloween another seasonal celebration? Or a celebration of the dead?

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@Blackberry Good answer. Not everyone is afraid of spiders, but most people won’t go out their way to check em out. They have a buncha legs, they walk all slow OR all fast and they suck juice and shit outta bugs. They’re some creepy shit, so it seems natural to apply them to Halloween. They have been associated with loathing and a freak factor long before druids decided that you have to give fresh food and money to dead people.

As to when? Fucks if I know. Ever since I can remember, they ALWAYS have. :/ Same for worms, and I hate worms. Ew.

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Spiders are a main ingredient in witches brew.

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That is a good question! Spiderwebs have always been part of Halloween for as long as I remember, but since it started out as a “day of the dead” type of event, you must be right – it wasn’t always that way.

Would you be able to manage them if you imagined that they were dusty cobwebs, instead of full-on, recently spun webs? Or do cobwebs similarly creep you out?

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A lot of people find spiders creepy/scary, so naturally they were eventually associated with Halloween, just like all the other things that are associated with it (ghosts, monsters, etc).

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I think it’s because spiders inhabit the places where dead people are interred.

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