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Why do people ask these extremely retoric questions on fluther?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) May 13th, 2008

i don’t want to be mean or pick on people here, but why do some people ask those questions they already provide the anwser to, are they so doubtfull of their own opinion that they need other people to confirm it? are they just seeking attention for their personal problem? again, i am not trying to mock people, i’m just interested in what causes this behavior

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An example would help. As it stands, it would seem that some of the reasons in your questions are perfectly good answers. I myself have confidence problems such that I might seek the additional backing of another opinion.

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Question: Why do people ask these extremely retoric questions on fluther?

Answer 1: they are so doubtfull of their own opinion that they need other people to confirm it

Answer 2: ? they are just seeking attention for their personal problem


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Does it matter that the adj.should be “rhetorical”?

Sometimes people are looking for a soap box, and sometimes I think the querent might be pulling our leg, and sometimes people want to practice their debating skills. The two best questions I have asked were about 1) mild autism and 2) help w. a cat about whom I knew nothing. I got wonderful assistance, both publicly and in the private “comments.”

Oh, and recommendations for books,

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well, i didn’t want to put up examples to pervent fingerpointing, but i’m talking about the “he/she treats me like dirt, should i still be friends/lovers?” questions, there have been a few of those lately, and i realy wonder what gives, well, i already gave a few of my suggestions…

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they are not asking questions, they are asking for advice, and when asking for advice, its human nature to ask 100 times until you hear what “you want to hear”. so in essence they can only be “answered” by the person who asked the question.

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but in all these cases it’s so obvious it’s rhetoric, would anyone say “oh, just endure the shitstorm, that’s what friends are for” ? no, it’s useless advice asking because we all know the anwser, it’s like asking

“someone broke into my house, should i notify the police?” or “i’m starting to get fat, should i excersice ?”

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There are so many questions on Fluther, perhaps you could just skip the ones you are not interested in, or find “rhetorical,” and go to those for which you have answers or opinions. And you yourself can ask non-rhetorical questions, thereby setting the example of what you want to see on Fluther.

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but this is not a complaint (okay, maybe a small one) but just the question why they still ask, well, at least i already gor some anwsers :)

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They ask questions that don’t make sense to you because they’re not you. Isn’t it
bizarre of them? I think so too. Why can’t they just be the same as us? Weird.

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I don’t know! Why did you?

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