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Anyone know how to cancel a chkdsk flag in Windows XP from within recovery console?

Asked by luminous00 (350points) May 13th, 2008

The PC is attempting to run chkdsk at startup and erroring out, rebooting, and trying again, and again, and again. I need to cancel it since I ran a successful chkdsk within recovery console and it finished. I rebooted and it’s still trying to run at startup, not to mention safe mode is locking up. Any ideas?

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Don’t you get 10 seconds to cancel it before it starts? sorry, I have to go, but I’ll try and figure something out for you tonight.

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Not for this one, it keeps attempting access to the drive which is locked down with Deep Freeze, so it’s in a constant cycle. I’m going to reimage the machine and see if I can get it to log in. I was just curious bc there’s a command in a normal dos prompt called chkntfs, but i wasn’t able to get into a dos prompt.

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What screen does it look like? Can you show me a screenshot? Usually if u boot into safe mode it cancels it out, and like 8lightminutesaway said, gives you 10 seconds. Unless im completely misinterpreting the question.

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can you access your BIOS? Maybe try resetting your CMOS as well, if you know to do that on your motherboard.

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@iceblu – this is assuming booting into safemode locks up, which it always does at this place. safe mode is about as reliable as a paper car.

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Do you know how to do a windows repair with out losing all of your data? That should fix your problem, and if not at least make you able to go in when its done to fix it.

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