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As far as smart women go - who's the finest - Doctor, Lawyer or Financial babes?

Asked by zensky (13362points) November 1st, 2011

Yes, it’s sexist – but please give me some leeway here, pc cops, it’s all in fun.

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Financial. My Doctor is a smoking hottie, but what do you say to someone that’s had relations with your prostate. Lawyers can screw you in multiple ways as well.

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@nikipedia I would definitely put researchers and scientists above doctors in hotness.

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Finest in what way? Looks? Income? Personality?

Financial babes make the most money (assuming they are successful). All of them work ridiculous hours, but I’d say that lawyers have the greatest chance of having a home life. If you care about that.

I married a lawyer and her job required way too many hours and provided way too much stress. I told her to quit, and she ignored me. Finally she decided to quit (without the buyout) and she is a totally different person. It’s like she took a giant happiness pill that lasts for months (at least).

As far as looks are concerned—aside from my wife who is the hottest—I have no opinion. There are hotties everywhere.

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To quote Jimmy Buffet: “I want a smart woman in a really short skirt…”

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Orthodontists :)

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I would have to say Doctor for now since that lady doctor I met some years ago was just outstanding. She would make a perfect Victoria’s Secret model. I was tempted to put garlic up my ass just to have an excuse to see her. Lol.

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I think Clifford Pickover has answered that question definitively. All of the above.

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(I’m dating one)

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@ratboy Always ingeniously witty and clever, you’ve outdone yourself this time. You are my hero!

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None of the above.

I vote for free spirited, creative, artistic and genuine, regardless of career choice.

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The hottest professional woman I ever saw was a proctologist endoscopist. She was a dark Arabic beauty who I started flirting with as I was going under. God, she was hot!

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They’re all fine. Just check out the Science Cheerleaders!

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Well @wundayatta, it’s kind of hard not to flirt with someone who is about to insert a very long object into your behind… ;)

Ok… yet another obscure movie quote: “Personally I try to avoid being on a first name basis with anyone who has had their finger up my rectum.”

Can anyone out there name that movie?

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Doctors. Women in the medical profession have the most kinks (I know from experience :-p

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A crossbreeding of all three.

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if you dont define a measure for finest then i will have to assume one….

I will choose scientifically after going to the DQ and taking copious notes while she has a soft serve cone. (I never understood why they called it soft serve)

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Finest does seem a bit vague. I’d have to say women physicians because they retain some warm human qualities. Attorneys seem coldly calculating and business women care about money too much.

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@zensky, we can’t muzzle all those fancy media women now can we?

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