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What's with food products having logos and mascots so happy about their own kind being devoured?

Asked by Berserker (33514points) November 1st, 2011

Like if you take a look at the Chicken Delight chicken, it’s rushing in, bringing pieces of chicken to a potential customer. Why is it doing that? That’s twisted.
Or the Kool Aid Man. He’s handing out servings of his own insides. I’m assuming that’s how he lives, it’s his blood life. And he’s all giving it out, going, ooooh yeeah. What the hell, man?
Again, let’s look at Twinkie the Kid. What’s he so happy about? Advertising his own people to be devoured. What a mad bastard.
There’s so many food mascots like this. Smiling chips, like that Pringles guy, the California Raisins, those stupid Shreddies from long ago…all in good favor of endorsing themselves and their own kind to be consumed. Reminds me of that movie, Grimm Love.

Okay I guess this is kind of a joke question and maybe I’m taking it too seriously, but I really do wonder; where did that come from? Who thought it would be appealing to have mascots that champion what they are to be eaten? What’s the history behind this? I’ve thought that was peculiar for the longest time. I mean, I wouldn’t go up to some cannibals going, hey man, I taste pretty epic!

Now I realize this is advertisement, and what the purpose is, and that actual cannibals are nothing like in movies much. I just don’t get how that whole mascot thing became appealing. I know there was a Far Side comic about that, but I can’t find it anymore…still, some mascots and logos have some explaining to do.

Humor, history lesson, bring it all. :)

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I Like the one with the pretzel going up th M&M’s ass and both know they are going to be eaten anyway.

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Similar to the smiling Quaker Oats man, Chef Boyardee, Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima, I think most of have or want to have memories/associations of someone happy to fill our stomachs.

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@Neizvestnaya Yeah, but those are ’‘people’’ suggested to have come up with the product, for advertisement purposes anyways, and they give the product a homely nature and feel. I always thought Chef Boyardee was awesome. But a smiling ravioli would freak me out.

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You haven’t seen that one? Apparently there is a new kind of M&M with pretzel inside.

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I’ve always kind of wondered this myself.

Reminds me of when my son in first grade came home with a Thanksgiving decoration that he had made in school. It was sort of an elongated brown paper blob. “What is this, sweetheart?” I asked, because I was expecting something with colorful tail feathers and red wattles. “Turkey,” he said. Sure enough…it was a roasted drumstick.

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@woodcutter Nope. Got a picture?...I gotta see that.

Sounds fucking gross though. Pretzel inside an M&M, ew. Reminds me of those chocolate covered pretzels, I hate those.

@Jeruba Wow…that’s awesome and scary at the same time lol.

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A funny sense of irony? I dunno, lol.

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@WillWorkForChocolate There ain’t nuthin ironic about cereal wearing sunglasses!

…good point. XD

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Oh, like dancing vegies and fruits? Eek- I think I’m too old to understand it. I like my food not to talk or move around except on my fork.

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@Sym, I lurve you for questions like these. My only guess is that big corporations offered them a deal; they would not be packaged and sold as food, so long as they could serve as the perfect song-and-dance man to peddle their products. It was their only chance at staying alive, however horrible it may be.

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@Neizvestnaya Yeah, stuff like that. I guess it’s cute, but to me, it also has a really dark and disturbing aspect.

@jaytkay Holy shit lol. That totally looks like real advertisement too. Is it a joke? Sure looks authentic though lol. We eat with pleasure and without rest. Wow…

@Joker94 Haha yeah, I imagined stuff like that too. Maybe they didn’t have a choice, or were really just putrid assholes. XD

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Mostly it is because people do not really think about the advertising of the food they choose to eat. It is ridiculous to have chickens or cows or candy advertising themselves as good to eat, but people are simply not paying attention.

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@woodcutter…it asked me if I was over 18.

That’s fucked the hell up, man.

@Linda_Owl Yeah, but there seems to be some natural reaction that it has with people, and how they think it’s cute and normal. I really don’t get why.

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My wife and I always laugh about this. The first commercial that jumps to mind when I think about it are Foster Farms commercials. They’ve been around for years.

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@tinyfaery Never saw those, but here’s headin on a YouTube trip…do I even wanna know lol?

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They are all stupid, but really drive home the point.

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The pic @jaytkay posted depresses me. I like some pork things but I also know who it becomes pork from pig- that pic is horrifying to me.

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@Symbeline You could lie about your birthday. I sure as hell did. It’s non of their f,ing beeswax how old I am. It’s not like there’s candy porn in there.

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@woodcutter No, but it’s just really weird that candy advertisement has an age restriction installed in order to see it.


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Emil Villas Hickory Pit does that. Ya, it’s kind of weird.

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Gotta be some kind of marketing ploy, your inbox will now be trashed with M&M ads,mine too.

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It gets your attention.

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That poor silly tuna, Charliie, wait til he gets the hook.

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it reinforces that there is a degree of masochist in all of us.

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You could always go for the incredibly fucked up Cadbury Egg commercials..

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I found the ads for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cannibalistic and stopped buying the cereal.

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@Symbeline Ha ha ha, I don’t know. Yet, how can we be sure potatoes, whether they come as singing chips or dancing fries or sarcastic talking chocolate covered nuts do not really want to be eaten? Lol.

I dig it though. The “I’m cute and sweet or maybe somewhat annoying but just eat me anyway” manipulative advertising psychology heaped upon us consumers. But using animal characters to endorse themselves to be eaten, now that’s brilliantly sick. All feelings of guilt are vanquished and whatever doubt that remains is destroyed by having a traipsing and happily clucking animated chicken entice “monsters” into devouring its own kind.

That Aflac duck must be kneeling down to pray, sighing heavily everyday in deep gratitude that he wasn’t picked to endorse something else that will make him puke everytime he sees his commercial on TV. I’m sure the last three words he would ever want to hear in any business meeting are “sizzling”, “crispy” and “Chinatown”.

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Put’s me in mind of this one time when I saw a dawg eating another pooch’s shit, like as it was actually coming out of it’s arse!?! Talk about fresh from the can :¬(
To answer the question properly, does the muffin man eat his own gingerbread men?
Coz if he does, that’s tantamount to cannabilism right there.

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Well, I just had to stop watching for a moment this 1943 movie only so I could post about this scene I just saw and it’s totally relevant to this board. Lol.

The movie’s title is Heaven Can Wait ( Don Ameche ) and in this scene, a grandfather asks his nephew about his engagement with the daughter of a wealthy beef packing family from Kansas. It’s the 1890’s at the time of this scene where industrial meat packing is just a newfangled trend. The two are joined by the grandfather’s own daughter in law. And the dialogue goes,

Grandpa : Oh, yes. How does the big Kansas City butcher like New York?

DIL : Now, Father, please. – I assume that you’re referring to…

Nephew : My future father-in-law, who happens to be one of the great meat-packers of our time.

DIL : Yes, Father Van Cleve. Don’t you realize that every piece of beef we eat comes from one of Mr. Strable’s many, many plants?

Grandpa : Does that include the steak I fought 10 rounds with last night?

Nephew : Grandfather, you don’t seem to have any idea of the importance of Mr. Strable. He created the most famous character in American advertising – Mabel, the cow. You’ve seen her, Father, on billboards. That big, happy cow smiling at you over the fence… and saying in big letters—“To the world my name is Mabel, which you’ll find on every label.
I am packed by E.F. Strable, for the pleasure of your table. ”

Grandpa : No cow in its right mind could have said anything like that. Sounds more like Mr. Strable.

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@mazingerz88 Haha yeah, that’s totally relevent. And true, too. Poor Mabel…as if it would recite that. That’s cool that you took a pause on the movie to come and tell us this. :)

@ucme Dude ew, that was one nasty ass dog. XD

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I never liked Charlie the tuna
either he was dumb beyond belief or he was so like those African tribesmen who sold their own brothers [even if captives from a different tribe] to white slavers as to be thoroughly despicable

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Its funny the kids who watch Sponge Bob Squarepants don’t get too wound up when they see all the underwater patrons lining up for “crabby patties” served up at the Crusty crab. Think about the children for fucksake!

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