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What makes you smile?

Asked by Bryar (153points) November 1st, 2011

What is it that makes you smile the most?

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Facial Muscles. ;)

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Today, it was when the kitty rolled over onto her back with all 4 of her legs up in the air, to take a very comfy nap.

Yesterday it was when I saw the cutest little girl give my nephew a hug while they were trick or treating together. They’re both in kindergarden.

Last night it was when I saw a very cute possum drinking water out of the cat’s backyard water dish.

Last week was when we went to the pumpkin patch and I saw a pug dog dressed up as a bee.

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My kitties, pillows and AVGN videos. (which usually crack me up to no end)

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My dog catching the Frisbee. And the way she trots back to me all happy with herself. I never associated Labs with being Frisbee catchers.

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Just staring at my husband makes me smile.

Being in the 85 degree sunshine at the pool with palm trees makes me smile.

Listening to young people talk about what they like and what they think makes me smile.

Being with my best girlfriends makes me smile.

Coca-cola makes me smile.

Many many things make me smile, I could probably list 50.

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Helping somebody. Observing nature. Silly fun with friends. Trying new things. An elegant solution to a math problem. Getting absorbed in a creative project. Cuddling with my cat.

Just some highlights. :)

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Waking up, sometimes not knowing right away where I’m at but feeling loving arms around me. That and my little doggie dancing circles when he sees me come home from work.

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The simpliest things make me smile. I can hear the geese honking or a baby crying in the grocery store and it makes me smile. I heard my two year old granddaughter’s sweet voice on the phone tonight and it made me smile then, and it makes me smile now just thinking about her voice. I smile when I drive down the road in my golf cart and wonder what I did to deserve this wonderful life.

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Kids, especially mine.

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Immediately after a big belly laugh.

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Now….this time I have before bed.

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My wife. I was just looking at some pix, when she was in her mid-twenties. She was one fine babe then and still today. I could not help but smile, at each photo of her.

I guess I am just an old softy.

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I hope you kiss her tonight and tell her how she makes you smile, @john65pennington.

Everyone’s responses are making me smile. <3

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@bkcunningham Yet no giving of the lurve.

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when my power comes back sometime this month (ehh couple more days). internet service restoration will create that too.

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My pets, nature, my daughter she looked SO pretty today, green shirt under black sweater, hair straightened, pretty necklace, her big brown eyes ;-D
I was smiling all afternoon watching the leaves blowing across the road, and at all the beautiful ranches with their bountiful harvests and the beautiful fall weather, a perfect day!

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Okay, @JLeslie. Done. Thanks. I was too busy smiling.

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I smile when,

The underdog wins.
Children laugh.
Old people laugh.
When my daughter is around.
Comedians like 30 Rock.
The Dali Lama speaks.
My sister quotes the bible in off kilt situations.
Someone gives Lurve on Fluther.

I try to smile often.

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Milo’s friend Max

And this

Black triangle at the very bottom of the photo, to the left of the wooden fence post, is Milo’s ear. He rushed outside before looking around and was, understandably, very upset at what h found himself standing in.

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@gailcalled Love your collection of green depression glass.

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my cat curled up on my chest

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babies, without fail

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@Jude: Thanks, but it’s just some odds and ends that look nice together and catch the light.

I have similar ones of cobalt blue, lavender and amythest, and orange.

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When I see a woman wearing stockings that have that little line that runs right up the back of the stockings.
yep, that works

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(it’s called a seam. During WWII when nylons were scarce, women used an eyebrow pencil to draw a facsimile of that seam.)

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Playing with dogs
Shooting guns
Good music has been known to from time to time
Good comedy

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Grandchildren, and listening to my children repeat the same advice that they rejected from me to their own children.

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@gailcalled i know its a seam, but the smile is so much wider when i can just ponder the line. it has a much better sense of going on forever than what a seam denotes

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The most? Children. They are so innocently funny just being themselves, whatever their ages. They make me grin remembering myself, my own kids and life at that age. I guess I’m lucky that makes me laugh and not cry.

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Watching others in “controlled” misery circumstances. Like you know, when a planned prank is about to happen. Well maybe that’s laughing. Hmm, people smiling make me smile lol.


Great food, great sex. All the good times you know.

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Smoking pot.

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The kids, my dawg, a pretty lady, crayons.

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Retiring at a younger age that Bigt Brother says I am to retire at. Problem is, they don’t give me back what was stolen from me, but that’s ok for now. I’d rather retire and smile then to bgo back to work for the 10 more years that Big Brother commands.

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Little children, puppy dogs,old couples arm in arm, autumn lves to scuffle in, fluther responses that are well put, pay day, driving up to my cottage gate, the aroma of a pizzaria, my aged mother’s spunk and sense of humor, five and ten dollar bills because they are rare denominations these days, a personal note in the mailbox and a start of a few days off the job.

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Seeing my boyfriend’s name appear on my phone because he is ringing me.

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A few more things came to me as I smiled at things this week, I kept thinking of this question. Today it was funny looking dogs (he was a fat little black bulldog!) and silly hats.
Here’s some proof that bulldogs are just inherently funny. Almost doesn’t matter what they do!

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