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What's the difference between Final Cut Pro and the Express version?

Asked by BoyWonder (806points) November 1st, 2011

Just wondering what the differences were and also the capabilities. And has anyone out there used them and what’s your preference…?

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Well Final Cut Pro comes with Wave Burner, DVD Studio Pro, Cinema Tools, Compressor, and Motion. All these additional apps help mix the sounds, as well as finalize the over all pictures there is way more editing power as a whole with Pro. Express is just the Final Cut program and it is ok on its own. Say you are just doing documentary. It is perfect for that style. Feel free to shoot me a private message if need be.

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The latest version of Final Cut (10) is crap aimed at the consumer market. I’d recommend Adobe Premier, especially as it works seamlessly with Photoshop and After Effects.

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@HungryGuy Hey there, I have both the new Final Cut as well as the one right before it. 10 looks like a darker version and slightly more serious tone iMovie and I haven’t really messed with it. What are your dislikes?

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The biggest problem is that Final Cut 10 can’t import your videos from Final Cut 7. So you have to keep both versions around while you still have productions in the works or if you ever want to do anything with your old videos. But Premier will let you import Final Cut 7 projects. Apple arrogance at its worst, IMO.

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@HungryGuy Yes, well Apple has always been that way. But they also do take a lot of consumer feedback and apply it to updates and future products at a high quality pace. But hey, I’m not working for Hollywood so I wouldn’t really know the commercial differences between the softwares.

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