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What's the most recent inexpensive, crappy purchase you made - vowing to never buy cheap again?

Asked by zensky (13367points) November 2nd, 2011

You get what you pay for.

You don’t have enough money to buy cheap things.

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My ice cream scoop broke last night, and I’ve only had it a few months. I will definitely be buying a quality one this time.

I also learned that I can’t use my cheap canning jars in a pressure canner. That was disappointing.

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I buy quality if I can afford it. I do not buy anything if I can’t afford quality. Unless my wife buys it. This is to say that I can’t answer your question. The last crappy purchase I made was a decade and a half ago when I bought a wardrobe from IKEA. It is ugly and cheap and I have no idea why is hasn’t fallen apart yet. Maybe because it’s in my daughter’s room.

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I bought CVS brand replacement brushes for an electric tooth brush because they were ⅔rds the price of the brand name. Got them home and they don’t fit properly. And I’d lost the receipt.

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$1.00 headphones. They lasted all of 30 minutes before the sound went dead.

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tH@iS cRAppY !#moUsE_____^%&!

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Lexus instead of Lamborghini.

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bin bags.
(well it wasnt me who bought them but I was annoyed when my housemate came back with value bags)

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It came from WalMart and was made in China.

I will not mention the product.

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@john65pennington It wouldn’t happen to be a thermometer, would it?

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A dollar store scientific calculator. I dropped and broke a few calculators so I figured a cheap one wouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, the buttons are so difficult to push that I end up doing calculations several times because I’m missing decimal points that didn’t register. Ugh.

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Last night. Spent almost $40 on dinner at a new place and it sucked! Bleh.
I am a food lover and NOTHING pisses me off more than high end meals that are substandard quality! Grrrr!

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Not me but mom bought cotton swabs from .99 Cent Store and then complained because they were plastic stemmed and bent so easily nothing could be swabbed. That and the bit of cotton on the ends was minimal and wrapped so tight they looked like they would scratch more than swab. She used to think I was a swab snob for buying the more expensive type of swabs with wooden or cardboard stems but not anymore.

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My mom bought napkins a few months ago that were cheap, don’t know how much. They were sturdy, but HUGE! We literaly cut them in half just to make them smaller, and they were still larger than normal.

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@TheIntern55 Isn’t that a good thing? They were inexpensive, sturdy, and you got twice as many of them as you paid for.

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My DVD player. It was sitting on a pallet in a bulk-sale section of the electronics store. I think I paid like €20 for it. It’s all but stopped working, and I think it’s scratched a few DVDs out of being able to use.

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A vise from Harbor Freight.

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Chinese Buffet . . . .

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There are times I’ve learned the exact opposite. I’ve sometimes bought expensive top-of-the-line equivalent products (shoes, electronics, etc), and they’ve lasted no longer than the cheap ones. I’ve even found that the fancy expensive electronics are more difficult to use and operate than the simple cheap ones.

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Oh, and even though I’m a picky eater, I love Chinese buffets. There was one that I lived near to in New Jersey that had a Mongolian grill (the cook always looked at me funny when I handed him a plate of assorted meat and then made a rye sandwich out of it after he cooked it for me).

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I’m going to agree with @Kayak8 on the chinese buffet. Glad you had a good experience @HungryGuy but every time I’ve been talked into going to one, it’s rubbery egg foo yung, cold egg rolls, people hovering over the empty tray that’s supposed to hold crab legs…. stabbing each other with crab forks…

later, the stomach ache.

Yes @Kayak8 I agree

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Girly answer: clothes from Forever 21.

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I bought these cheap, scented garbage bags from the dollar store.

…they had no bottom. Seriously. I don’t know what the hell went on with these, but they had an opening at each end. O_o The hell am I supposed to do with this shit?

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That just makes me laugh @Symbeline. OMG! Do not buy condoms from that store!

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Never purchase used condoms. Just saying.

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Dude, ew.

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