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Why do shoe insoles cost almost like a brand new pair of shoes?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25925points) November 2nd, 2011

I recently bought a pair of leather shoes for 70 bucks. The store offered me a thin insole for 7 bucks and I said, no thanks. After a few days, I felt uncomfortable walking in that shoe so I checked out a store for an insole. The nice lady had me try on one brand and it was gloriously soft! Then my jaw dropped when I heard the price was 40 bucks! What the?!

So I crossed the street to a BBB and checked out Dr. Scholls thinking, no way it would be near that price. Dead wrong was I. After going in two more stores, it’s clear an insole would cost me at least 40 bucks. But why??? Lol.

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Dude, I have running insoles specially molded to my foot that were almost $100. Worth every penny.

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@nikipedia Time to sell Fluther insoles at our store? : )

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What are the shoes made out of?

What are the insoles made out of? My guess is that the material they use to make the insoles costs more.

Silicone costs more than most plastic or rubber.

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@SpatzieLover Yes, the insole at the first store was not that thick but seemed to be made by a material not similar to Dr. Scholl’s, which is silicone? I had no idea what really. But trying it on was superbly comfy.

I think I just have to find a store which sells less expensive plastic or rubber insoles then?

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There are a bunch to choose from tend to like anything that lasts and won’t get smelly. For us, silicone is the choice or the foam Crocs are made out of. I prefer material that doesn’t allow bacterium to grow in.

You can definitely find insoles that fit the bill for under $20.

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$40 is worth the money. This is why good shoes also cost good moeny.
Give your tired joes a break and spend the cash on the very thing that carries you around all day.
You will find the return on investment well worth it.

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