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Is there anything you share with your best friend that you share with no one else?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) November 2nd, 2011

This could be anything. It could be a pastime or a little ritual or a secret—whatever you can think of. It should be something that gives us a peek into the specialness of the relationship you have with your best friend.

For purposes of this question, I mean a platonic best friend.

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My wife happens to be my very best friend. Only she knows secrets about me that stays only within her mind and vice versa.

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@john65pennington I mean a platonic best friend.

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Yes. And they will stay with them [or at least I hope .. I’m not gonna share them here].
THis things are from different aspects of my life and I have several friends with whom I share and they don’t know what I share with the others. They don’t know about each other and they were asked not to share with others so it’s obvious nobody rally knows everything about me.

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There are two musicals we know like the back of our hands – and we sometimes just sing them together. Sound gay much? We don’t care.

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Just stuff we did growing up in high school. Obviously, I’m not going to say anything, though.

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Yes, my best friend has been with me through some of the scariest times of my life, the details of which we don’t talk about with others.

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I share gayness with my best friend. I am completely heterosexual, and have never been attracted to a man. But when we’re around each other we grope each other, fake kissy kissy, etc. But it gets pretty vulgar, LOL

Some of it’s for shocking ppl, some is just for show, but much of it is just bonding…

We do it in front of other people too. I’d never do it with any other man ever. But we’ve been bestest best friends for 12 years.

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Time, we have been friends since we were 16 and working at McD’s. I am now 42 and we know each other more like sisters than just friends. We have leaned on each other when needed but we also share our partying past before we got older and grew out of the partying lifestyle.

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What, do you mean apart from my wife, or occasional bodily fluids? :-o

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Our high school jokes which only we understand. Most of them are based on funny things she told me about and expressions that wouldn’t ordinarily be funny but are funny because of times we shared them and repeated them ad nauseum. One of the expressions is “Knock this chip off my shoulder!” Another one is “You carry the joke too far!!!” Whenever we say those things we still laugh and remember the good old days.

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I share with her all sorts of thoughts, even the ones I am ashamed of and the ones that don’t make sense. I don’t feel comfortable to go there with anybody else. I think I get the same back.

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My daughter is my best friend. We share the ability to make games and jokes about anything since we have similar sarcastic attitudes.

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Yes. We both share things we would not share with anyone else.

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I have one secret and only two people know it. Only one person knows it to the fullest extent. They aren’t my best friends, but are close. I would never share that secret with my best friend because it would hurt her so bad, and she’s to innocent to hear such things.

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They know everything about me. My secrets, my past, my regrets, my innermost thoughts. Everything.

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Yeah, I do.

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Ok. Ok. I get it. I asked a stupid question. If you want to answer, please do me the favor of elaborating. I don’t want yes/no answers. No need to beat in my head about how dumb the question was. Sheesh! Yes or no does not ”[give] us a peek into the specialness of the relationship you have with your best friend.”

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This isn’t a dumb question!

No question on Fluther is a dumb one.

When you open up Fluther it does not say “answer this question or do not pass go!”

Sometimes if people don’t like the question they shouldn’t even try to answer it in the first place

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@Meego Sorry. It is a dumb question if it is asked in a way to not get answers the questioner desires. It’s my fault for not making it clear that yes and no answers are absolutely useless. I can’t expect people to read my mind, can I? Or even read the question very carefully. That’s just reality.

Of course, it’s hard to know how to craft a question so you get what you want. If you write the question short, people will not know what you want. If you write it long, they won’t read it. Either way, you don’t get what you want. Even if you put it in General. In any case, any question that doesn’t get what the questioner wants is a dumb question, as far as I’m concerned. At least, if it’s one I wrote. Other people can decide that for themselves.

Many choose to blame the answerers, but I don’t think that’s fair. I believe most people are being conscientious when they answer. They are trying to answer the question as written and as they understand it. If a question doesn’t get what the author wanted, it’s because the author is stupid or incompetent. I am ashamed of myself for writing this question. I apologize and I will try to do better.

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