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Should I transfer to a 4 year school?

Asked by atarah09 (254points) November 2nd, 2011

I am currently at a community college, I only have 14 classes before I graduate with my Associate of Arts degree. Should I transfer to a 4 year school?

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What are your career plans? Does the job your are hoping to get require a four year degree or will a two year degree be enough?

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Originally I wanted to become a social worker, but my community college wasn’t offering that program at the time. Well, now that I made a decision (Elementary Ed.) they DO have that program (social work).

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I’d suggest that you get your AA degree, and then transfer to a BA program.

Also, keep in mind that GPA requirements for teaching are higher than for just graduation. While most universities typically require GPA of 2.5 to graduate, to get a teaching job you’ll need to graduate with anywhere from 2.8 to 3.0 depending on the jurisdiction.

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If you want to teach elementary school you are going to need a four year degree so you are going to have to transfer to a BA program. Check with the college you are interested in attending to get a list of the required general education classes, you can make sure you have all of those taken at community college level, then do all the work required for your major at the four year school.

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Ok, thank you very much; I appreciate the input. So, get all of my general courses out of the way, and then transfer to get my BA- sounds good.

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If you want to become a social worker, you can go to a college with a health professions school. You don’t have to stay on the teacher track.

I believe you should get as much education as you possibly can. You should continue to get more education even as you work. Never stop. Never stop.

An education is not just for a job. It’s also about being a better person. It helps you understand more and have more fun and be more creative. There is more to life than putting a roof over your head. But you’ll never get there if you don’t have as much education as possible. Ok, you might get there without an education and you might not get there with an education, but it gives you a big leg up.

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I think you should transfer. If you can transfer before your AA and the university will transfer and accept all your credits, I say why wait? I transferred as a sophomore and I am glad I did. I lived in the dorms, had tons of fun, loved my university. Especially if your community college does not have courses that help you work towards your goal, why not get yourself into a school that has more options for study before you have to offically declare a major.

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If you plan to go on for a 4-year degree, yes go ahead and transfer. If not you might as well stay where you are.

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