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What do you think of these 3D tattoos (see links in details)? Would you want one? Would you get one?

Asked by lillycoyote (24798points) November 2nd, 2011

Here are a few. :-) There are so many amazing ones it took everything I had to keep the links down to a baker’s dozen.

3D tattoo 1

3D tattoo 2

3D tattoo 3

3D tattoo 4

3D tattoo 5

3D tattoo 6

3D tattoo 7

3D tattoo 8

3D tattoo 9

3D tattoo 10

3D tattoo 11

3D tattoo 12

3D tattoo 13

I think some of them, most of them, are absolutely extraordinary, just amazing, a few kind of mind-blowing even, in terms of the 3-D effects, and the art work, but they are just a little, maybe a lot, over the top for me, personally, as far as what I would actually have tattooed on my own body; I kind of want one, but I would never actually get one, though… the Mobius strip grate is pretty cool, and kind of understated, compared to some of others.

Would you get one, a 3D tattoo, for yourself?

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It seems so obvious, but I never thought of that. They look amazing, but I still won’t get a tattoo.

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Soooooo creepy, I can’t even look at all of them.

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I totally agree with @Aethelflaed way too creepy for me.

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@Aethelflaed and @SuperMouse I can really understand that reaction. As a matter of fact, when I was trying to word the question, I was thinking of asking that: “Do you like them or do you think they’re really kind of creepy?” but I decided to make the question a little more neutral.

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I like them a lot and would love to have a better rendered/colored bumblebee than the one I got years ago.

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Some of them are creepy (especially the spider). I would wake up screaming almost every morning if my husband had that one.

A few of them are really awesome. I could definitely picture getting a 3D tattoo some day.

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Those are kind of awesome. Especially this one. I would love to have something like that, with text from To Kill a Mockingbird. That spider one would give me nightmares, though.

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I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the links.

Number 11 is supposed to be this

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I’m not a tattoo kind of person, I like some tattoos for their creative side, but I would never get one my self. Having said that, the tattoos in these pictures are by far the highest quality I have ever seen. If I had to have a tattoo, I would want it to be if not 3D, at least to this standard of quality.

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Without a doubt, works of art. I didn’t find them creepy. Thanks for sharing the links @lillycoyote. I don’t want to have tattoos myself but there are some beautiful examples of tattoo art there. Amazing work.

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@poisonedantidote Yes, the quality of the work in these tattoos is pretty amazing. I was going to comment to @Blackberry that a 3D tattoo may not really be so obvious. It takes a very highly skilled tattoo artist to do this kind of work. A tattoo artist can’t create perspective and the sense of 3 dimensions that way a painter or anyone using paints, pastels, charcoals, pencils, etc. You can’t do anything in broad strokes. You have to do it, really, one pin prick at a time. It would take a very skilled tattoo artist to do it, just from a technical stand point, in terms of the techniques and limits of the medium, so the quality of the work would be very high; and to imagine, to create and design some of these tattoos would really take the same artistic vision as any painter, as any artist.

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I am not into tattoos at all, but those are awesome.

The girl with the chest cavity one is way too creepy, however. That will scare kids at a beach.

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Nice. I’d get one.

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I don’t have any tattoos, and I don’t want any tattoos, but if I wanted a tattoo, those are what I would get. 3D is awesome, especially with the quality of art provided by whoever made those tattoos.

However, if anyone out there wants to get one and come show me, I would love that.

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The artist needs a canvas, I would never get a tattoo, but I would buy the picture.

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@lillycoyote Yeah, I mean, it’s a cool concept and a lot of the artwork is exceptional, it’s just a sort of “omg flesh is not supposed to do that!!!” kind of reaction. The first one, my first reaction was that Dr. Mengele had done something horrible to this man’s arm, so…

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Holy ass crap, those are really cool. I really love the open wound ribcage one. That would be slick having something similar to that on the top of my hand.

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If I were to get one, I’d only get it from the artist who did a specific one on that page. I’d never give it to an artist and hope they could figure out how to do it. They look like they could be easily botched and look especially bad if they were botched.

I am not a tattoo kind of person anyway, but I’ve seen people make the mistake of assuming that anyone could do a design they wanted so long as they made it carefully. And sadly, this isn’t true.

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Those are pretty good. I would definitely consider getting a tattoo like that (after I get the other tattoos I want first though). I even know what artist I would use for a tattoo like those 3D ones; the same guy who did this.

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They’re all pretty amazing. Numbers 1, 5, and particularly 6 caught my eye. I’m not much of a tattoo person (at least on me) but I bet sitting down with the artist(s) who did those and working something out, maybe around the wrist or along palm side of the forearm, would convince me to get one.

Maybe a 3D view of the structure in the wrist, either partial view or all the way around, with writing carved into, and winding around, the bones…

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Kinda cool.. although some of them are just gross.

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@wonderingwhy If you search “3D tattoos” in google images you will be able to find some of the smaller one; I picked the larger, more complex ones for the question and because I thought they were pretty amazing. I don’t know for sure, but there might be some lower limit to how small a 3D tattoo can be and still have a good 3D effect.

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Pretty amazing. I think I’ll stick with a simple tattoo though.

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@Symbeline Holy Ass Crap, Batman! That wasn’t the hidden entrance to the Batcave, that was my 3D tattoo of the hidden entrance to the Batcave! Holy Mother of God, Batman; it hurts like a son of a bitch and I think the Batbumper is embedded in my spleen!


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They look awesome, but I don’t think I’ll ever get a tattoo, at least not anywhere in the near future.

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@lillycoyote Well that was fucking twisted.

I like it. :) Lmao. Poor Robin.

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@Symbeline I can be a little twisted sometimes, what can I say? But for the most part, I’m really very nice and really quite harmless. :-)

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Most people on Fluther already know my opinion on the subject, but for those who don’t – I don’t like tattoos, period.

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Fascinating, amazing, intricate, clever, and frankly they all creep me out big time. And I love me some ink, I’ve got 4…

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Artistically it doesn’t scream, “Tattoo” at me. I’m really into 50’s Flash and Sailor tats so when I see really intricate designs it just doesn’t appeal to me. Even as a designer I don’t really appreciate 3-D. My eyes already see 3-D so I’m really into tattoo as it’s own style. For me these are completely tasteless. Technically however, they are really high quality.

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Of course I would get them – there is a person in Moscow, he’s the best at those.

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Those are wicked cool. I especially like number 6. I don’t want a tattoo myself but these are really intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

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LOVE THEM! My next few will be like that.

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@Inked_up_chic I’m glad you found the question. I thought you might like them.

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Cracking designs! I’m saving & biding my time for a back piece which will definitely have some 3D elements to it, it’s just a case of finding the right artist… :-/

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I really liked the lizard one, most of the rest were a little too strange for me. I would love to get a tatt but I am a sissy, afraid of the pain!

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They’re usually too gruesome for my taste. This is pretty damn cool, though.

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If you dont have a facebook and it wont let you look, let me know and i post them up so you can see them.

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Very very cool.

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@syz – that one is amazing, I love it, looks like an aussie redback.

I saw a woman today in Melbourne had the strangest tatt. Not 3D but all over her chin, looked sort of like a painted on goatee. I didn’t really find it attractive.

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They’re amazing, but I don’t think any of the tattoo ideas I have would be conducive to that style.

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