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Should I get an iPad 2 now or should I wait till next year for the newest model?

Asked by Sponge (541points) November 2nd, 2011

What upgrades do you think might be coming to the newest model that would make it foolish to buy one right now?

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All I can tell you is that I love mine and use it every day. Not sure when the upgrade is coming; I don’t think any time too soon. I would jump in now.

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I kept my iPad1 in a case and with a screen protector. I sold it a few weeks before the iPad2 came out. I paid 499 for it and sold it 11 months later for 400. So my upgrade was only going to be 100 if I had decided to get another one. I didn’t get a new one but that was the plan.

But you have a long wait. I would bet money that the new ones will be announced in late September along with iPods/iPhones. I think all three are going to be rolled into one event from here on out.

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If they keep to schedule (based on the last two releases) the iPad 3 should be out spring of 2012.

However, it isn’t currently believed that the A6 chip will be ready by then so it could either be pushed into summer/early fall (or later if they have quality problems) or launch with the current chip and lean on a Retina display as the ‘must have’ upgrade. I should mention, rumor is getting the display upscaled for the iPad is having volume manufacturing issues, so that could be a second strike against a significantly upgraded spring release.

Bottom line, if you’re not willing to wait till at least fall of next year, pick one up now; but only if you won’t tear your hair out if they release it in spring.

Personally, I’m waiting for the chip and display, be it spring iPad 3, fall iPad 3, or 2013 iPad 4.

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The problem you will always have buying new technology is that you can almost never keep up. Unless you KNOW that a new version will be coming out in a month or three and you don’t mind waiting, then I say wait for the new as this will also help you financially. Otherwise I say buy it today and start enjoying it now.

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Maybe it’ll contain Flash?

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I waited for the iPad2 but that was because I knew it was only a matter of a few months.

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Macrumors suggests that you hold off on buying one since an update is expected soon.

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You and me both are hoping for that. But I seriously doubt it.

That’s why I’m spending my energy (and eventually money) focusing on getting an Android tablet. I’m sick and tired of not being able to access a simple little few minutes of video pertinent to an ongoing discussion. Its just needlessly annoying.

Plus, there are a bunch of Android tabs now coming out with seven inch screens. Much more portable and convenient and can be held easily in one hand.

Besides, an ipad would, for me, just be a needlessly expensive larger version of my iPhone.

Apple has finally annoyed me to the breaking point over their stubbornness about Flash. Enough is enough.

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@rebbel I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

Aside from adding cameras, the iPad 2 was only a small upgrade over the original iPad, and what I have heard of a whole host of supply and technical issues, so I doubt that the iPad 3 will be better enough to be worth waiting for unless they they manage to surprise us all and get it out by Christmas. Yeah, I know the rumors that it will have the A9 CPU, Retina™ display, geiger counter, and espresso maker, but I would wager that it won’t.

Given that six weeks probably isn’t enough time to solve those problems, produce a few million, and get the marketing done, I would say you are better off with an iPad. 2.

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Probably more Memory Capacity, probably more “ports”.

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Here are Steve Jobs’ thoughts on Flash. If Flash is important to you, get an Android tab. ASUS is coming out with a new one in a few days.

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Or if you want Flash download Skyfire. Flash videos work on it.

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I’m well aware of Job’s view about the issue so that’s why I’m looking strongly at the HTC Flyer or the Acer Iconia A100.

I guess I’ll give the Asus a looksee as well (provided there’s a 7” version) and it will have the capacity for using Android 3.0 or higher.


The link to Skyfire does not work. Is it an App or a browser which can be downloaded to iPhone ?

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It is a app that is a browser. I’m not sure why the link doesn’t work. It does for me.

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All I get when I click on the link is a message which says “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”.

I’m on my iPhone if that makes any difference.

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Would using Firefox Sync with the Appollo Browser accomplish the same thing regarding Flash?

I put Skyfire into the Search at the App Store and I’d much prefer using a free App if it would accomplish the same thing.

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I have both the one and two. The two is faster, but I got it as a gift or I would not have bothered till the three came out.

What I am hoping for is the ability to work on images that are print quality, and retina display.
So if the 3 has that I will sell both the one and two to get it.
I assume it will have Suri, and that Suri will be able to do a lot more by then compared to what is does now on the iPhone 4s now.

If you can get a used iPad 1 for cheap to tide you over till the 3 comes out you should do fine. But really- I expect the 3 to be a SIGNIFICANT improvement over the 1 and 2.

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@Dog If the rumors about the specs are true… but that may well push it to late-2012. I doubt Apple will wait that long, so I predict something more like they did with the iPhone; look for the iPad 2S soon and the iPad 3 next year.

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Just one small point. “SURI” is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

SARI can be found as the voice of iPhone 4s.

Methinks he might not be as amused by the innocent mixup as we are. He really isn’t known for his remarkable sense of humor, is he now ?

I’m jus trying to forestall the possibility of one of my fav mods being served with a lawsuit for slander :) Scientologists are quite well known for their litigious tendencies.


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I thought it was Siri…

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When you’re right, you’re right. I jumped the gun a bit, didn’t I?

But if even Woz has been quoted as calling it Sari, I guess I’m not in such horrible company.

And at least it keeps away the prospect of a Cruise lawsuit heading our way.

But I’m also sure that Fluther is not the only place where his daughters name has been confused with iPhones voice. It must be driving him nuts.

If Oprah still had her show on, he’d be jumping all over her couch about it.


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I would wait. I think mr. jobs held a few surprises for a while yet. logical the next year or so will testify to that.

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Get one now so you could start enjoying it asap. Those talked about upgrades on a new model, even if released as early as spring are…I honestly don’t think worth the long wait anyway. Just walk into the nearest Mac store, hover around a bit…then just…get one! Yey! : )

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@Buttonstc @jerv Ha! That will teach me to post while sleep deprived. (Or to at least double check instead of slapping a post down real quick and leaving.)

@Jerv That might be true but I am still thinking that the next one will be announced by September and will indeed be a 3. Steve Jobs has not been running the company since January, and even before that he was grooming his replacement. Given the minimal updating on the iPad 2, I think we very likely could have an announcement of a 3, with Siri (Suri Sari ;) ) added as “Just one more thing…”

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@Dog I think S (insert vowel of choice) ri will be the biggest new feature of whichever one is next, whether it’s a 3 or a 2s.

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I think you should never wait just because there might be a new one next year. At the end of the day its just a number. Buy a device based on if it does the things you need and want from it. If it does and you can afford it what’s the point in waiting?

As soon as iPad 3 comes out there will be rumours of iPad 4… the game goes on…

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There’s always going to be another newer thing. I’d shift my focus to the specs and software – buy the one that fits you best, and not worry about it again.

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