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What should we do for my friends' birthday?

Asked by mcsnazzy (434points) November 2nd, 2011

I am planning a party for my friends’ birthday and I can’t figure out what to do. We want to go out to dinner as a group and then do something else later. Last party we went bowling and then watched a movie. Something a little different this time would be good. Any ideas?

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How old are you and your friends? Do you have a Dave and Buster’s near you? A murder mystery dinner? Karaoke?

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Roller or ice skating? Always good for laughs.

Bumper cars?

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Are you talking about more than one friend?

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Do you have an “old town” downtown area where you are that decorates the main drag with lights for the holidays? If it’s real pretty and relatively safe, controlled traffic then create a scavenger hunt through the town.

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What age group are we talking?? if older I would suggest everyone going to dinner and a play, if you all buy your own ticket and meal then each chip in towards the b-day person ticket and meal. I find going to a play with friends is really enjoyable.

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If you are all over 21 a poetry party is fun.

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Line Dancing.

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