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Is there a screen that I can buy so that I will be able to use my MacBook outside?

Asked by pixiequeen12 (137points) May 13th, 2008

Currently, there is such a terrible glare (far worse than I’ve ever encountered with a PC) that I cannot see the screen at all unless I’m inside.

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YES! It is a notebook privacy scarf seen here:

Also on instructables if you feel like getting crafty

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Wow I have never had that problem I have both pc and mac and just tested it. I was having trouble duplicating the problem.

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@playthebanjo, lol

that thing is funny, but borders on looking creepy

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what kind of mac do you have? maybe your laptop is a different version…

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what about one of those privacy screens (seriously) that you put over your screen and is almost, like, holographic. let me see if i can find one on amazon or something… here we go. it’s supposed to make it so people can’t see your screen from an angle next to you, but i wonder if it would help reduce glare.

they’re a bit on the expensive side though. :(

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you can purchase different screen types when you initially purchase your MacBook. My screen is matte. The color isnt as vibrant but its better for digital art because it is closer to the average computer screen.

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@delirium: is the matte a better screen to get if you want to reduce glare? and is vibrant color the only purpose of the glossy MacBook screens?

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You can only choose between the matte and glossy screen if you get a MacBook Pro though, not for the regular MacBook.

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mine’s regular.. help, guys! :(

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have you tried to make sure that your screen is as bright as it will go? because honestly i haven’t had this problem either. just yesterday i was transferring a file to a flash drive while walking to class because i had to print something.

make sure the brightness is up all the way and that under system preferences>energy saver>options>battery power, it doesn’t have the “slightly dim the display when using this power source” button checked.

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I’m sure there’s matte screen plastic coating things that you can buy.

@Redmann: I think its significantly better to get if you want to reduce glare.The glossy will prevent people from sitting next to you and being able to see absolutely everything that you’re doing, and it looks fabulous for video editing… I just despise glare, especially when working with a tablet.

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Take a look at that sort of stuff.

Google: Macbook Glare Filter

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I am sure there is.

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