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When Hong Kong was no longer under British rule did the citizens lose their British passports?

Asked by JLeslie (59062points) November 3rd, 2011

Forgive me if I use the wrong terms asking this question, I tend to be lacking in the areas of history and international politics.

I assume the people of Hong Kong had British passports? I was under the impression Hong Kong became independent in the 90’s, an assumption of mine, but I learned less than a year ago that Hong Kong is actually part of China. I guess kind of like Guam and Puerto Rico is to America? So, I was wondering, if the people of Hong Kong had British passports, did they get to keep them? Or, did suddenly they lose their right to be a citzen and were issues Chinese Passports? And, is there a Hong Kong Passport?

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Your link didn’t work for me.

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@bostonbeliever That link did not work for me either, maybe it is my computer? I looked up Hong Kong on wikipedia before I asked the Q, and the Hong Kong page did not specifically answer my question, unless I read through too quickly.

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look up British National (Overseas) on wiki, that’s what the others were linking. Maybe that will work for you.

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@JLeslie, it’s not just you.
So weird. I go to the web page, copy the URL, and then when I re-paste I can’t get to the same page. But yeah-British National Overseas Department should give you your answer.

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