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Where to Purchase a Bodhi tree?

Asked by Mexicanamerican (1957points) November 3rd, 2011 from iPhone

I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I can buy a small Bodhi Tree (Ficus Religiosa)?

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Where do you live?

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Have you checked with your local nurseries and garden centers?
Otherwise do a search online and I am sure you can find one that can be shipped to you depending on Agricultural laws.

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I live in Ca., but i want it shipped to CO. I tried online but, not really having any luck with that. Everything I’m finding is either seeds or large trees.

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Nice going, @Coloma. I’m tempted too.

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Just my luck they’re out of stock, lol.. Thanks so much now I know where I can get them.

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@Mexicanamerican It says right on the order form that orders will be processed as they come in. If you place an order, you will be on the list to receive one.

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I think I am going to get in line and order one for myself and one for my friend and daughter.
There will be a lot of us under the Bodhi trees. lol

Xmas Bodhi trees. :-D

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May all beings be happy…...May all beings be ENLIGHTENED….....yogi, tucson desert…..

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