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What's a good electric razor to use on a cat?

Asked by Kraigmo (8232points) November 3rd, 2011

My cat is old for a cat and is starting to get matted fur (dreadlocks), which if left unchecked could cause harm to her.

I’ve been cutting them off one by one, but i need an electric razor to get further down to the root without hurting her.

What’s a good electric razor to use on cat’s fur? (Her fur is thick, almost like sheep’s wool).

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Buy a pet clippers or take it to get a good grooming.
Once you cut the cats hair than keep brushing her fur with a detangler and keep her clean as possible. If you brush daily than she shouldn’t get matted and I’m sure she would love the extra attention.

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I would pay money to watch this. Have your video camera ready.

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Take the cat to the vet, and ask them. Not being an ass here. But I’m sure they’ll know exactly what to suggest.

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I bought electric clippers for my long-haired cat one summer, when we had two weeks of 100+ F weather.

And I could not get within 10 feet of her with that thing. You know how vampires react to a cross in the movies? It was like that.

The cat never got a haircut.

Anyway, I still have those clippers and I cut my own hair with them. Capt. Picard-style.

RIP ReRe.Thanks for the clippers! You were the best cat ever!!

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I am amazed that your cat has allowed you to cut her dreads.
I am also laughing at the image of a cat with dreads.
But, I agree with @Symbeline that it wouldn’t hurt to ask your vet. There are probably some razors that are better than others and they should know.

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I’m with @Symbeline. Take your cat to the vet and have them do it.

Then, once all the knots, and mats and dreads have been removed, keep up with grooming so it doesn’t happen again.

If I had tried to shave either of my cats, if they had even let me try, I would looked like I had run in with a Cuisinart. Casper might have let me cut some of them off with scissors, but he wouldn’t have liked the noise of the clippers and would run and hid somewhere where it would have taken me a week to find him. Bugsy wouldn’t have been bothered by the noise, but he would never have put up with the actual clipping.

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As others have said, Take the cat to the vet. It is really the best thing for the cat.
Been there, did that, the best thing for them!

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Dr. Evil is that you?

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Yes, the vet is the way to go, a bit pricey depending, but my vet has a groomer on site and my last extremely fluffy Himalayan mix had to be sedated because of his upset. He loved how he felt when it was over. haha
Having a vet on standby is a good idea especially with an older cat. Also, she won’t associate YOU with the evil deed which is HUGE!

You could potentially really wreck your relationship with her. lol

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