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Do you believe in magic?

Asked by stevenb (3816points) May 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I mean, levitation, voodoo, telekenesis, mind over matter, flying, etc. Chris Angel type of crazy stuff, as well as Tibetan monk, or any other. I saw a special where monks spent the night in subzero weather over night with no clothes, and had no I’ll effects, and the scientists were amazed. I saw another show where they had people who could do amazing documentable things. What do you think?

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All of these magical phenomena have been fully documented by The National Enquirer.

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In a young girls heart.

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well, in the case of the monk, i can see the body as a mere vessel of the soul, thereby being able to bend it to extremes with enough willpower…for the rest it’s just bs.

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No. I believe in probability. Even extremely unlikely things happen once in a while.

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no it just illision

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I don’t believe in magic, but I do believe in probability, illisions, and miracles.

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Oh, and Myself.

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I believe in science.

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I think they are tricks/illusions to have people believe in a power that has no real power. And to distract and make people not believe in God.

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Monks, yes.

Serendipity, yes.

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Wicca? Yes.
That other stuff you mentioned? No.

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i believe in chuck norris too, that man is a god

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Well, he’s back, since today, and he still can’t spell *illusion.

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I don’t believe in the supernatural magic, but think the world around us is quite magical.

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@wildflower-great answer. You rock!

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@uberbatman. That song was going through my head while I was phrasing the question. How about miracles of any sort. How many of those have been actually documented and proven?

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lsd can unlock your mind to where your able to do all kinds of telekinetic stuff. i once had a conversation with my other friend under the influence of lsd. we had a conversation for 2 hours where neither one of us spoke. we talked with our minds. he would think something funny i would laugh. i could control the cd player with my mind. i skipped songs turned up the volume. im not joking it happened.

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@buster yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn likeeeeeee totatallyyyyyyy lol how many hits you take to start believing this? I couldnt agree with you more about lsd unlocking your mind but you lost me at telekinesis. ^_^

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I believe in NewOrleans magick- Neworleans has the 5 major traditions- french and spanish colonies- catholicism, afro carribean , Haitian vodou.
Santeria, obeah—all kinds of religions that make up wonderful magickal rituals.
Also telekinesis is a wonderful science- chris angel is good at that.
Theres the art of illusion and theres the art of reality- and magic-k- in all its forms occult or not leaves you thirsty for more info. Its the art of the unknown- the art of the occult – something that is supreme to us and our intelligence.

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