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How much is too much booty?

Asked by EmptyNest (2033points) November 4th, 2011

Is a lot of booty a good thing such as “fat bottomed girls” or “baby got back”? Or do you think that’s too much…whatever you want to call it, “hiney parts,” “behind”, “bottom”, “butt”, “rear-end”, “derriere”. (Y) vs (l) ?

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When you need a g-rope rather than a string to house those buns, then it’s time to lose that butt baby!

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When you can no longer justify putting a ‘Y’ at the end of the word so to denote cuteness. In other words, when it starts at the ankle and ends at the shoulder blades.

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Holy moly, a booty should be round, firm, and symmetrical. Good junk-in-the-trunk, should look something like this [maybe NSFW!]. A nice round apple hiney, that is full, smooth, and not rumpled with cottage cheese. Not bulging at the flanks, or saddlebags. Not sunken at the cheeks. Round like two buns laid together.

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I don’t particularly like..err..big junk. Having said that, I don’t have big junk.

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I can’t provide pictures, as I’m at work. Haha. But people saying Kim K has too much are quite ridiculous in my opinion. I think hers is great. And I’m only using her as an example because many people know what she looks like.

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Not sure where the limit is, but Michele Obama has definitly red lined.

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On the other hand, there is always room for J. Lo.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I think that girl was cold; there’s goosebumps all over her pretty ass.

I don’t know what I’d consider to be “too much” booty. If it’s a healthy booty and it’s plump and heavy, then so be it. But if you’re a size “small” on top and a “XXXL” on bottom…... that would probably be too much booty.

Also, if you weigh a thousand pounds and your fat ass hits me on the legs when you run over me with your motorized shopping cart….... that’s way too much booty.

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If it feels good in my hands, it’s ALL right!

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Yeah, maybe when you’re getting ‘too much booty’ you can talk about making fun of bigger people. Let’s wait until that day.

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Difficult to define, but I know too much when I see it.

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Too much…?

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@WillWorkForChocolate But if you’re a size “small” on top and a “XXXL” on bottom…... that would probably be too much booty. If one is that small on top, and that large below. I say she better worry more about the muffins, cottage cheese , and spare tire that will come with that badunkadunk bum. If she is that dis-balanced, I say she better think about spending some of that Hagen Daas money on a gym membership. ;-P

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@Hypocrisy_Central Too true… I’ve actually seen people like this and it looks quite strange. They have a normal face and torso, but beneath the belt it seems as though they’ve exploded. I’m not sure if it’s some condition that causes this or just plain gluttony that settles on the body funny.

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In my time I have only seen several asses that I thought were too big. I think they’ve all been on black women, and I’m pretty sure that’s just how they’re built. And they all flaunt it, so more power to em! I don’t love Kim Kardashian, but I’m really glad that someone who isn’t paper thin is now getting some attention. I think she has a great body. Women of that body type just look so much healthier to me…like women are supposed to look. Like they have a body that could actually create another life. An extremely frail, thin woman does not seem like she’d be a healthy host environment for a baby. I really hope the Kate Moss body type stops being fashionable soon.

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When I see a woman with wide, plus size hips, I want to put a baby in those hips. Lol!

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