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What specs for an SSD should I look for?

Asked by aaronheaberlin808 (69points) November 4th, 2011

I own a August 2009 MacBook Pro 15” and I want to upgrade the storage to an SSD. What specs do I need to look for? 2.5”? Intel Chip? Serial ATA? I’m just not sure what exactly is the best.And are there serveral iterations of the transfer speeds like 3Gb/s 6Gb/s. I’m not sure what my MBP will handle. Also i’m looking for storage of 150Gb and up any info or input would be great

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What is the plan? Are you going to yank the optical drive and put the SSD in there or just swap the hard drive?

But pretty much any 2.5” SSD will work. I’m using this one for OS X and Apps. It is like getting a new computer.

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Intel SSDs have great performance compared to some off-brands, but cost more. Serial ATA is likely. Old style drives are PATA (IDE). 60GB for $103 is a good buy. It gets real expensive for larger.

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Reliability ! Crucial and Intel seem to top the robustness charts lately.
Early SSD were plagued by reliability problems and some lesser brands have not caught up yet.

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