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How can I export a Microsoft Office Outlook inbox into Apple's

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) May 13th, 2008

Any ideas? Searching hasn’t really produced anything conclusive or useful. Thanks!

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This is an overly complex and slow method but if you find nothing else, you could 1) sign up for a Gmail account 2) open it up via IMAP in outlook 3) drag your mail into it 4) go to your Apple mail 5) open Gmail up via IMAP on Apple Mail and 6) drag it out to a local folder.

Again, not the smartest way to go but is possibility nonetheless.

chaosrob's avatar will also just connect to an Exchange server, if it has IMAP services enabled. That’s really the simplest, if it’s available. Connect, copy down the mail to local mailboxes “on my Mac,” and then you can drop the Exchange connection and move over to whatever other solution you plan to use.

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and there;s always stuff like o2m from, though this should work too, i just use that because we have a license @ work

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Go here and download the free 30-day trial of MessageSave. Install it.
Select the folder (in this case, the inbox) and click the MessageSave toolbar button and choose where you want to save it. Save it as mbox format.
Open up Mac Mail and go “File -> Import Mailboxes…”. Choose to import an mbox file, then choose the mbox file that you created using MessageSave.

That’s it! all your mail should be imported now.

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Or you could just (if you have Boot Camp and Parralells or VMWare Fusion) run Windows and Mac side by side and move it from Outlook into the Mail App.

Or jsut set up the email account in the mail App itself.

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you’d still have to convert the outlook files into mail files though…

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No you wouldn’t.

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have you tested this? extensively? with what versions of outlook?

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I think swimmindude might have misunderstood my question, because what you describe isn’t possible. Simply recreating the account wouldn’t work because unfortunately its POP based so I would lose all my sent mail.
Thanks for the great suggestions though all, the Gmail method was the first I tried and worked great, although I would definately have looked into software if I was converting multiple accounts.


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