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What to do for my boyfriend's 23rd birthday?

Asked by atarah09 (254points) November 4th, 2011

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up in a few days. I want to send him something while he’s at work. We’ve been together for over 2 years, and I want to do something special for him. Can anyone think of something besides Edible Arrangements?

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Send him yourself!

Dress up to the nines, take a little gift and show up at his lunch hour with promises of a romantic evening together.

Maybe do an indoor picnic, make some goodies, buy some wine, whatever, candles, music, romance!

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Great suggestion. I should also add that he lives an hour and a half away. Haven’t seen him in 4 months, but we will see one another on Thanksgiving (his b-day is the 18th of this month). I’d like to do something for him since I can’t see him on his b-day.

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How many people does he work with?

You could send b-day pizzas, cookies, a cake-etc.

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Sounds like a great idea, never thought of that!

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He works with about 25 people. I think that would work! Thank you, @SpatzieLover !

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Hooray a birthday party at work! He’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If there is an assistant or a secretary for the office/work place maybe call her/him to give a heads up for that day. He/she may even be willing to assist you in the planning.

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I am friends with a friend of his from work, I’ll discuss details with him! I can’t wait, now I’m all excited :)

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Guys love to eat fun foods at work. He’ll be thrilled with your plans!!!

My husband has always love “treat” days at work ;)

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Create a giftbox; Include a card, videogames, his favorite food and drop it off looking sexy ;)

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I would be very careful about actually showing up at his work place un-announced. He may be in a meeting or having an un-pleasant phone conversation with a client, or a vendor may have shown up that he needs to have an involved or time-consuming discussion with. He may not have time to enjoy your surprise and then you’ll end up feeling bad. The idea of a surprise visit might sound romantic, but some offices and workplaces would be disrupted by your presence and your boyfriend might be a little bit embarrased, if he isn’t expecting you.

But the idea of having something delicious sent to the office, like a really fancy cake from one of those frou-frou bakeries, something that he could share with his co-workers if and when they get a chance to eat some, would probably be highly appreciated. Or maybe a platter of sandwiches and cookies from a local deli.

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I call ahead to his favorite delivery/take out place and have a meal sent to him. I don’t know how you go about getting a cake delivered but it sounds really nice.

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