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What is your go-to cup of coffee - and what is your preferred brew?

Asked by zensky (13372points) November 4th, 2011
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:) That’d be a one-shot soya latte, in a medium sized cup, from Costa… If I have to go to a Starbucks, it’s the same drink but in a large sized cup – their coffee is stronger.

Note – soya milk in the UK is nowhere near as sweet as soy milk in the US. It’s more nutty in flavour.

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Made at home with real spring water and 100% Colombian coffee. Grinding the beans makes all the difference in a great cup of real, regular coffee. Not that liquid tar you buy at Starbucks.

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I made home brewed coffee forever, but, now that I have been single the last number of years I make instant, Tasters Choice. It’s good, easy and no fuss. I rarely buy coffees in my my travels, once in a great while.

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My preference is 8 o’clock, black. I drink the cheap stuff from Aldi, though, usually with creamer.. because it tastes kind of bad. But, it’s cheap. :)

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I worked briefly at a nice restaurant in Philly. The house coffee there was amazing. I’ve never had better. It was from a little local roaster called La Colombe. Too expensive to use it as my regular brew, unfortunately.

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I prefer tea. Lemon Lift to be exact.

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Any that is available to me at any time. I am a coffee whore. There, I’ve said it.

And @johnpowell, another of the terrific Bigelow’s is Constant Comment. I switch that out with Lemon Lift in the winter…

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Right now I’m buying the Medium Roast whole beans made by Caribou Coffee. This way I can grind my own immediately before brewing in my French Press.

I’ve also been experimenting with the cold water brewing method (also in French Press) when I have the time.

If I’m out, I stop by McDonalds for their coffee (and take a pass on any of the rest of their food). Believe it or not, they make a decent cup of coffee since deciding to switch over to using pure Columbian and the new policy of making a fresh batch every hour ( at least.)

It’s surprisingly good.

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My own espresso maker… but if I’m out and about, any non-chain local coffee shop, and if none is to be found, then Starbucks. And if none of those, then nothing, dammit! I’ll take tea.

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Like many geeks, my go-to is Diet Mt.Dew.

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I buy Bali Blue or U-Roast-Em Green coffee beans and roast the beans to my preference myself. Then I run them through the old percolator on the stove. When I can stand a spoon up in the coffee it is ready to drink.

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I’ve been considering getting into roasting my own but have yet to take the plunge (or the expense).

What type of setup do you employ for your roasting and how often do you roast?

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I just roast in an old pan on the stove top or over the fire when I am camping. You can use an old hot air popcorn popper too, if you have one.

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Hrm. Having managed to evade the point the first time around, my preferred brew is Kicking Horse. Something in the bold or extra-bold family.

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I enjoy ordering an Americano when on-the-go, because it’s always fresh and strong, and hard to screw up.

Sumatra or a dark Italian Roast are my faves when it comes to enjoying a brewed cup or two. My favorite brewed coffee in the world is Lavazza, although some local roasters here in Seattle are testing that theory.

For latte-making at home I use my stovetop espresso maker and prefer Pilon black label.

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Starbuck’s Pike’s Place Roast (? ) black.

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I don’t like coffee from shops. They are either too weak or too strong or just boring.
I like my own coffee which is from Cotsco, Kirkland Colombian Coffee. Everyone who has come to my home and had a cup have become converted Kirkland coffee drinkers.

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The cheapest supermarket coffee available.
Drown it in cream and sugar.

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I drink an awful lot of coffee, but I’m far from picky. I take my coffee black – no sugar, no creme, nothing – but the brand/brew isn’t really any of my concern. We have Folgers in the house simply because we can get it for a pretty good price at Sam’s Club. I used to like the occasional Starbucks coffee because they always made it so strong and so impossibly hot, but it’s pricey and not really worth it when I can have a decent cup at home.

My absolute favourite though? This stuff I had at this little vegan cafe in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I don’t remember the name of the coffee itself nor the cafe, but it was delicious. I went back recently, but they definitely gave me a different kind.

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@martianspringtime Homework: Next time get the name of the cafe, and the coffee. See if they are consistent.

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I like my coffee strong and black, and on the cool side often with an ice cube tossed in, can’t stand it so hot it disables my mouth.

At work there is a free coffee machine with a selection of packets available. I favor a blend that still tastes pretty good at room temperature a couple hours later.

So I don’t like dark roasts, they get so bitter and nasty when they cool down. and like @martianspringtime I usually won’t like a Starbucks as they tend to nearly burn their roast and serve it too blasted hot.
I’ve been known to order ‘shot-in-the-dark’ (black coffee with an espresso shot) and a side of ice.

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@dabbler You might like this blend based on what you’ve said.

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@zensky That looks mighty tasty !

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You can’t go wrong with (except for the price) Jamaican Blue Mountain, mon.

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