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Name of shoe designer?

Asked by itsjustcruel (387points) November 4th, 2011

I am doing coursework and I need to feature the name of a specific shoe designer and I cannot remeber his name. He designs some pretty weird looking shoes and has a first name that look something like ‘Morolo’
Sorry I can’t get any more Info!

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Manolo Blahnik? He reinvented the concept that there is a sucker born every minute.

Some of his shoes

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@gailcalled Yes, thats him I recognise his name, Thanks!

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These JImmy Choo shoes look comfortable also and are a bargain at $1,095.

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Blimey they look painfull

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An article about serious injuries that women are incurring when they wear these really grotesque shoes.

Are Your Shoes Killing You?

. Teetering around on them can cause ankle sprains and breaks; bunions, hammertoes, and stress fractures; as well as tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and ligament damage.

…more than 7 out of 10 women have developed a bunion or other painful foot deformity; 9 out of 10 women’s foot deformities can be tied to bad shoes.

High heels can shrink muscle, thicken tendons

A study last year found that women who regularly wore high heels had shorter calf muscles and stiffer, thicker Achilles tendons.

..prolonged wearing of high heels can contribute to joint degeneration and knee osteoarthritis..

Heels also throw your body’s alignment out of whack…When you wear heels, you change your center of balance, leading to increased curvature of your back…

This can lead to the discs in your spine breaking down, as well as muscle spasms and pain throughout the body, and yes, maybe even chronic headache or migraines.

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