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Would you rather have many social friends or a few close friends?

Asked by Male (1353points) November 4th, 2011

Social friends are willing to hang out with you to do whatever from time to time. You’re not too close and your conversations don’t go too deep. However, you enjoy each others company. You’ve known them for a few months, and they come and go. You have many of these friends, so you’re always invited to do whatever and you’re never alone.

Close friends are willing to see you on a daily basis (if you’d like), and you feel comfortable being around them. You can talk about close or deep subjects, pretty much anything you want, and you both have an understanding of each other. You’ve known them for years. They don’t come and go, they stick around. You only have a handful of them, so you may get lonely.

I know, the comparisons are not exactly reciprocals of each other, but whatever.

So…is it quantity over quality? Or vice versa?

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I’m a quality over quantity girl myself. It’s too much work to be socially “on” in a shallow way.

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@Coloma kudos. I prefer quality too but sometimes quantity comes in handy when you want to do something and those close friends have other things to do.

But I wouldn’t want to see my close friends daily. I need some time for myself from time to time.

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A small handful of close friends. What you call “social friends” I call “trying”.

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Social Friends. Because overtime some will develop into close friends, and at the same time, you’ll also have social friends left. Win-win situation.

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Quality over quantity.

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I’d rather have a few close friends and a lot of acquaintances.

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A few close friends.

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A few close friends, which is what I have now.

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A few close friends. There’s always an opportunity to meet new people in social settings. Quality connections are few and far between.

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A few close friends, anytime…they are the essence of friendship…social friends we meet different places, at different times in our life…

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I have a lot of social friends, and two very close friends (one of them is my SO). That arrangement suits me perfectly.


I’d much rather have just one or two very good friends, true friends, than many “social” friends.

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Quality. Always quality.

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The latter. It’s just my make up.

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I choose to have a few close friends. I can’t stand being pestered on top of all that.

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