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How can I make my sit ups more interesting?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43062points) November 4th, 2011

I was doing them again faithfully for about two months. Got up to about 60 a day. Then I quit because they’re SO BORING and I didn’t think they were doing that much for me. Well, the last couple of days I’m going, “Uh oh. You know what? They WERE working.” I need to start doing them again but I need some sort of something else to think about or do at the same time…..

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I hate the repetition of situps too and find I can get great results quickly by tossing a 10 lb. medicine ball towards the ceiling as I start the situp and catch it on the way down. It keeps you occupied and takes timing and coordination and of course your attention. Use a one or 2 pound sand bag/workout ball to start. 3 sets of 10 reps and you are DONE!

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Put a picture of Alan Rickman at the top of your knees! ; )

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Have a Happy Brownie first. lol

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Put a small weight plate on your chest, or hold with your arms straight out.

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Coloma! I’m so sure! I’d be sit-upping along and go “Wait…dude…what comes after 10? Wait..dude…why am I trying to count past 10? Wait…dude…what am I doing on the floor? Dude! I better get off the floor before someone comes in and thinks I’m stoned!” You’re NO HELP!!

@Blackberry How would putting a plate on my chest distract me? Besides. Coloma would come along and put a brownie on it.

@Lightlyseared Thanks but the thing I like about my sit ups is that they’re absolutely free and I don’t have to go into contortions to do them! Just force myself to stop and drop, in my tracks. My students think I’m nuts.

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Maybe you could try nekked sit ups with your hubby!

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Do other ab exercises. Hang from a pullup bar and extend your legs so your body forms an L. The best ab exercise I’ve found is overhead squats. Hold a bar with some weight on it (I suggest light to begin), then squat until your hips are below your knees, then back up. You’ll burn yourself like you wouldn’t believe.

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I like to exercise to music, and I do different versions of crunches and reverse crunches, just to mix it up a little. It is boring, though! I like the Alan Rickman idea:-)
@Lightlyseared does that invertor gadget include the beefcake???

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Try doing crunches on an exercise ball.
I’m not sure what this one is called but you go into a push up stance and stay with your arms extended. You don’t do any push ups and try to keep your body in that position as long as you can. It works on your whole core. Also suck in your gut for support.
Another one is almost like that. You put towels on your feets and hands and on a smooth non carpeted surface. Now from a V positon with only your hands and feet touching the ground you extend your arms out and your legs into a kind of push up. Now slide them out and slide them all back in. Only your hands and feet (toes) have contact with the ground. As you try to bring your hands and feet together your butt should go into the air back into a upside down V shape. In other words bent at the hips. Then extend and try your best to maintain control or your slip and land stomach and face flat on the floor. Its really hard so it may take a while.
If it gets to easy than you can try waxing the floor and wearing socks and your feet. You’ll feel that one everywhere. But its great for the abs since most of the control aspect of it comes from there.

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Do them in front of the TV?

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@Mariah I tried doing that and found it often gets in the way of enjoying my tv viewing. I will stop because I miss something someone said or I will forget my count when I stop to rewind and then I just end up giving up for what is suppose to be only till the end of the program. But in the end I cut the exercise short and end up sitting on the couch going on to the next program. Yeah! I ‘m like a crow. You can’t put anything shiny in front of me. I forget what I’m suppose to do. LOL

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I know..I’ll do it during commercials and try to beat the commercials! Get my 60 in before the show comes on!

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@Dutchess_III Oops, I thought by interesting you meant something different. I didn’t read the details.

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:) Thanks for the input @Blackberry!

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