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Does your dog (or cat, or your geese, or your chinchilla, or whatever kind of animal you have) fight with inanimate objects?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) November 4th, 2011

My puppy (8 months) is currently in the back yard having a rather heated interchange with my plastic watering can. It’s pretty comical.

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Do you have a video recorder, and maybe want to record it and upload it to YouTube so we can all enjoy?

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@Aethelflaed Well, they seem to have called a truce. It’s over, plus it’s kind of dark out there, it being night and all. :-) Maybe it will happen again, during the day. She plays with the thing off and on, but this is the first time I’ve seen her run around it and repeatedly bark at it and jump on it. You’ll have to be happy with this one:

Lizzie at the creek

I took her to the creek to see if she would like it or not; it was her first time in the water. She seemed to like it. :-) The sun was going down so the light is bad. I can understand the water, that she got exited because she liked it, but getting worked up about the watering can is mystery to me.

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My “dog” my goose Marwyn has daily water fights with the hose nozzle. I hang the hose over the fence in his pool and he turns the rubber nozzle on and off with his beak, flings it around, throws it out and watches it go beserk and spray the barn, drags it back in the pool, “kills” it by holding it underwater. He loves his hose nozzle! lol

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My cats do fight inanimate objects, and apparently non-existent ones, too. Especially the new kitten. It’s awfully cute, isn’t it?

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@augustlan Sorry, I didn’t mean to exclude cats! Or geese for that matter! Can I flag myself and get sent to editing so I can correct it? :-)

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I just sent it back to you. :)

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Maybe Marwyn can give Lizzie swimming lessons. lol

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[I edited the question. It originally read “Does your dog fight with inanimate objects?” I added the animals in parenthesis. It was not my intentention to consciously exclude or discriminate against non-canines. It was a thoughtless oversight and has been corrected :-)]

@augustlan thank you!

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@Coloma That would be great. And pretty funny too. Lizzie’s pretty good at frolicking but actual swimming, not yet. The water in that creek generally isn’t deep enough for dog swimming but there a park near where I life that has an off leash area for dogs at one end of the pond there. Maybe Marwyn and Lizzie can have a play date if your ever in the area. :-)

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My Jack Russell shakes all of her toys (and sometimes her bedding!) ferociously until she is satisfied that they are all dead!

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I once had a budgie who would furiously attack spoons….

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Our cats fight with most of the “soft” things in the house; everything from the carpet/rugs to the plants to our clothes. They usually win… but not always.

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Love the creek video! My chocolate lab acts like that in water.

Now my 2 dogs fight over a towel. My black lab has an obsession with blankets and actually sucks on them (he is 8 yrs old)

So 7 yrs into it I decided it was a phase (lol) so about a year ago I threw the tattered blanket in the garbage. He was never quite right after.

I should of named him Charlie. I gave him an old towel because i felt bad and he’s satisfied now. But now my chocolate lab teases him with it and she will keep it from him or throw it around literally in his face.

A few weeks ago my choc had the blanket and fell asleep with it, Otis seized the opportunity he went over grabbed the blanket ripped it from her and threw it to the ground with gusto! Lmao it was like he said “now leave it alone biatch!”

Also my choc. lab also goes completely psycho over a laser pointer and if you say out loud “hi” or “hello”.

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I forgot about my cat “Mia” a darling Tortie point siamese that likes to steal my socks and mittens. She flings them all over the house and if I leave my car windows down enough for her to get in the car she “steals” my gloves and mittens from the backseat and carries them into the house through her cat door from the garage. lol

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All of my animals do this or have done this…Well all except for the guinea pig and the tortoise.

Currently, we have a new kitten. He is isolated to one bedroom…where he seemingly finds lost socks (I have no idea where he got them from), “kills” the socks, then hides “the bodies” under the area rug, the pillows, quilts-etc. Then when you “find them” he acts like they are brand new prey victims and rushes to kill them again.

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My doggie still love to attack and thrash little stuffed hedgehog and panda bear plush toys. He’ll throw them up in the air and then snatch them in his mouth to grind them into the floor and bite them all over until the squeaker inside is mutilated. When he thinks the toy is “dead” then he’ll lay down on it and rub his body all over it. He’s funny but gross.

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My dog used to when she was a puppy. Now she’s an old lady she doesn’t fight with anything any more.

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We give our rabbit an empty Quaker oatmeal tube to play with. He really does attack that thing, but he does it rather…um…amorously. I guess it’s the right size and shape for him to pretend it’s another bunny.

Yeah, it’s pretty comical.

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My hedgehog will run around with a toilet paper tube stuck on his head… much like the ones you see if you YouTube search “hedgehog” (can’t do a link right now).

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