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Why is Jill M. Phillips so profound?

Asked by Garebo (3190points) November 5th, 2011

I learned about this astrologist not too long ago, and her quick synopsis of a person from their birth date, to me is profound, uncanny and undeniably accurate, for the most part. Just wondering, if anybody knew her while she was alive and how in the world she could compile such an accurate assessment for 365 days.

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Ehck. Astrology is so fake in my opinion. So she’s not profound at all. To me, anyone can read about a “sign” and it could match their lives. It’s all confidence boosts. I’m a Sagittarius or wait, Ophiucus (snake holder) now… err dang the constellations changed on me! So I’m bi-polar? Well the point is, I’ve seen plenty of times that I’ve matched moods with every other Astrological member. So to answer the OP she is profound because she is great at bull shitting.

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@whitetigress I don’t think it’s really fair to discard astrology so quickly. Of course there are a lot of shams going on in astrology, but you can find those also on the scientist side. (The Lysenko affair being a famous one.) Yes, probably a lot more shams are going on in the field of astrology, but I think that’s partly because no real attention is given to it, so neither will there be a lot of control on the conduct.
Don’t understand me wrong though, I’m not a fan of astrology, in fact I don’t know anything about it; but neither do any of the people who criticize astrology. Scientists usually go: “Oh well, it’s not scientific so it’s fake”, while they don’t know anything about astrology.
I’m mainly repeating what Paul Feyerabend wrote on this subject. In his Three Dialogues on Knowledge he defends astrology, not because he’s interested in it (“Astrology bores me to tears” are his exact words.) but because he reckons it’s unfair the way science as an ideology is suppressing all alternative ways to knowledge.
The civilian, according to Feyerabend, should be able to choose between alternative medicines and Western medicine, and between the whole of scientific practices and non-scientific conducts. Right now, science suppresses all other roads to knowledge, very often without proper arguments.
Also, in the light of John Stuarts Mill’s opinions on freedom of speech, we should let all ways to knowledge speak, because if one of them (in this case science) starts suppressing the others, it (science) will become an accepted form of knowledge without dispute and end in dogmatic knowledge.

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Never heard of her.

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Think about this for a moment. Are all people born on the same day as you very similar to you? Is nobody born on a different day similar to you?

Usually the way astrology works is they make very general statements that could apply to almost anyone. Then you’re impressed when it seems they’ve hit the nail on the head.

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This stem from a website I ran into. If someone wanted to know what I am like, I could just give you my birthday and you could look it up and you would get a very accurate makeup of me, obviously not to fine detail.
Go to tlc.howstuffworks, and put in a search for your birth date (month and day). It use to come up right away on Google, but I think TLC bought the site. You should find a small abstract about people born on that day. The other categories are less true, but the initial synopsis is amazing to me. While at work when they announce someones birthday – I look it up and it usually is remarkably right about that person.
My question is directed towards non skeptics, or those that appreciate there is a higher energy that may affects us. My mistake, I should have had “non-skeptic” as a category to my question.
I don’t have a great knowledge and understanding of astrology, nor do I follow it or adhere to my horoscope. I do know a person with phenomenal insight and knowledge on the subject and he never ceases to amaze me.
Just think where we would be now if Copernicus, Newton, Einstein or Galileo just gave up their beliefs when people said they were nuts or delusional.
I was just hoping someone had some more revelations about the author, since there isn’t a real lot out there about her.

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@Garebo Just be careful. Don’t trust anything mindlessly. You might not like skeptics a lot, but know that they do have a point when they say that a lot of astrology, spiritualism, reflexology and what have you, can be run by fraudulent people. I think this is more probable in these subjects than in science because, since it’s often not taken serious to begin with, there isn’t much research going on to see whether it actually is a fraud or not.

This counts for science as well though. When consulting somebody using Western medicine, be as rational as you would be when consulting alternative medicine. Science can do as much damage as pseudoscience. Always keep your responsibility in your own hands; you are more competent to decide over your own self than any expert.

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@Hacksawhawk ..amen. It is a tendency of mine to be a fool, in the sense I will listen to anything that at first seems even remotely plausible; but eventually I come to realize it is often just a fraud or embellishment. But by not taking the risk to challenge my beliefs though often leaves me on a rutty path.
I have got pretty good attenae to decipher deception-years of experience and failure. I have been rewarded with some amazing things bushwhacking along a new path and have also gotten quite lost. The effort and excitement of having a paradigm shift in ones thinking is rather tantalizing and usually satisfying for me.

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Well I know its been a long time since this post originated however I found this post and website because I googled my birthday and a few other people I know. I wanted to know the same as you. How was the author so right on point? My searching found this post. So more than one person saw the difference in her birthday (month and year) search than other general astrology searches. That should mean something.

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Although its been soo much long I have to say the auther is on a wright point somehow here since that more than one person have confirmed that the description of their birthday suit them and im one of them so no matter what i think we should give it some credit

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