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For the sake of entertainment, what is the useless, unproductive, or mindless activity you do?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26871points) November 5th, 2011

You are bored, or just trying to kill time, what unproductive, or meaningless thing do you do? Do you play video games, peel paint from things, do card tricks, stack quarters, touch yourself sexually, what?

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In addition to answering questions of various Q & A sites, I play a points game sponsored by our local newspaper which give points for answering questions that can be used to buy chances to win prizes. It also gives points for playing solitaire, and I spend hours doing that.

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Watch really bad reality television.

Like, uber-rich plastics who pretend they are housewives bad

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If I’m really bored, I go in my bed and try to nap, or just think about things while lying down while enjoying all the softness. Video games and playing with myself are serious issues, and have nothing to do with being bored. :D

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Play FreeCell, Zuma, and FlipWords on the computer.

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I watch TV series that have already finished airing so I can skip ads and go straight to the next episode for my fix. I also browse tumblr (a lot) which leads me to new shows and movies to watch. Sometimes I get obsessed with a game for a while, be it solitaire, tetris, bejeweled, or being nostalgic on my old gameboy with Zelda or Mario. Rather than for relaxation, at the moment these things are being used for procrastination but there you have it.

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Spider Solitaire, Yahoo Cribbage or watch really crappy TV.

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I have a couple of mindless apps on my iphone and I am embarrassed to admit I can lose a lot of time without realizing it just playing Bubble Burst, etc! But I also love Rummy 500, Backgammon with my mate if he is in the mood or against the computer too. Gotta keep the brain active, you know, use it or lose it!

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I’m with @jonsblond! I also like to play Bubbleshooter on my phone!

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I play solitaire games on Facebook. This is in between playing Baking Life and Words with Friends, also on Facebook.

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Play minesweeper.

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Computer games. I play a lot of solitaire.

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My attempt at studying. It never really works out. I’m too much of a crammer.

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Mindless? Porn.

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google random stuff

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Besides Fluther? Too much TV – and books which have sold milions of copies.

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Urrgh, to kill time: I read, watch super old t.v. shows, masturbate, text people, or hang upside from my bed until I fall.

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Solitary solitaire. But I often have the TV on at the same time. Does that make it meaningful?

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Watch crappy tv. As a few have said above, I love watching the reality shows about the housewives. It’s hilarious at times.

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I don’t think of it as mindless or useless but I do a few things to pass my long work hours when it’s quiet and I’m relatively idle. I really enjoy, waiting on them to introduce latin, I fluther, I browse my favorite online stores, I keep up my spreadsheets for chores, activities and one that’s called our 2yr plan. I don’t get bored too often.

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Computer games. I’m addicted to Bejewelled Blitz on Facebok (it’s really the only reason I even use Facebook).

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Look, sometimes it’s fluther. Sometimes fluther is useless and unproductive. Sometimes, it’s not. The latter happens rarer than the former.

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I game, I like to play maha yaha tiles (or whayever they’re called)
Lately I have been Fluthering and neglecting my gamin.
I love to read or do word searches when I’m waiting for my kids to get out of school.
And I think, think, think about all kinds of things ; )
Right now I am Fluthering and thinking about making cookies…

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Smoke pot.

very much unlike the drinking thing. get off my back. who are you all, my fucking mother?

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I have an original NES emulator on my computer, and over 100 games. I play Q-Bert, Gauntlet, Contra, Final Fantasy, and just about anything else you can think of, as long as it didn’t require the Light Gun.

And, I have my three year old hooked on it, too. His favourite so far is Wizards and Warriors 3, because he can jump up on all the windows. He calls it the “Jumping Windows GameGameGame!”

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I always enjoy having a few beers gown at the scrap yard while I watch cars rust. I mean, it’s better than working.

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