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How does the "players met" section in the playstation network menu work?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) May 13th, 2008

As is, how recent are the names? Are they every one I’ve played with that day, or what? Circa Call of Duty 4.

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yes, the people you meet online in a game, on xbox live it goes back for about 2 weeks, i dont know about that on PSN

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the list doesn’t seem nearly long enough to go back two weeks. I’d say there’s less than a hundred on there, and I play a lot. Even though I’m a ps3 person, xbl does seem to have it’s networking a lot more together.

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I think its a number instead of a time limit, but after a certian offline time it deletes itself.

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I have seen players met still display people after months , ok the met on this persons system wasn’t full . I would say it only keeps a certain number of names and deletes the older ones .

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