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What do you do with your pets on bonfire night?

Asked by bongo (4302points) November 5th, 2011

Or nights with lots of fireworks.
Its bonfire night tonight in the UK and it sounds like the middle of a war zone. (kind of the idea I think) but it means we have to have our rabbits hopping around in the bathroom. That’s the best place as far as I could see as there are no cables for them to chew and its not got a carpet for them to ruin but inside and out of the noise a little.
Where does everyone keep their pets on nights with many fireworks or are your pets oblivious to the noises outside?

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My dog’s not frightened, but he gets very excited by the fireworks, thunderstorms, cars backfiring, etc. It’s a damned bore, but that’s all.

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I isolate them in bedrooms or crates and keep music/tvs/white noise on for them.

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@SpatzieLover what pets do you have?

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My dog loves it, I take him along

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Our dawg is as good as gold, she’s not bothered one bit, even take her out for her walk when the air is full of noise.
She’s a little cracker, so she is!

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Cats, Dogs, Birds & more.

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I used to put my dog in the bathroom with the shower on, then I found out he was calmer with the TV on. Now he is going deaf (as am I) so it doesn’t bother him any more.

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Burn them.
Just put it/them? in your room on the bed, and both/all of you, watch TV at night, and have some hot cocoa. Aaaaah.

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My Boston terrier hides under the bed and trembles even when there’s just a thunderstorm. It’s really cute.

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My dog stays in with me. She stands at the patio door all evening watching the fireworks and whining to be let out. I don’t let her, in case she tries to escape and run off (she would run towards the nearest fireworks, not away from them.

When she was a puppy I took her for a walk on bonfire night with all the fireworks going off, and I did the same for the first couple of years. Acted completely relaxed as though it’s the most normal thing in the world, and nothing to be scared of. She has no fear of them.

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My poor dog was very stressed last night with all the fireworks going off outside. I stayed at home with her and made sure there was noise inside the flat to try and take her attention away from the bangs. I tried not to make a fuss of her at all in the hope that, if I acted like there was nothing wrong, she would calm down a bit.

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