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How can I batch download a bunch of pictures from Twitter?

Asked by sushilovinfun (161points) November 5th, 2011

I am trying to put together a project where I can download and analyze a number of the Occupy Wall Street photos from Twitter or Twitpic. I need to be able to download/play with that bunch of photos in order to do so. I am wondering if anyone has knowledge of a program, search engine or something else that might help me do this.

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You can’t unless it’s your own account. Why not just do it one by one?

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Try iMarcos, works with FF and Chrome. Start with scraping the URL’s

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@bobby78 Did you mean iMacros? Can you explain how to do this “url scraping?”
@XOIIO The reason I don’t want to download each is because I want to work with 1,000s of images ideally which would mean having to sit and download 1,000s of images by hand.

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@sushilovinfun Well, you’d best see if they upload them to another site like flickr, photobucket or facebook as well.

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@XOIIO unfortunately, that would go against the research parameters.

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@koanhead Fusking has confused me. Any advice with it would be appreciated.

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Fusking is confusing to everyone at first.
Personally, I love to fusk. It feels so good!

Anyway, to make it simple I use a Firefox extension called “firefusk”. After installing firefusk, I go to a site that has a lot of pictures (like and right-click on an image. This gives me a menu called “firefusk” which lists the image’s filename: [string_of_numbers].jpc and gives me some options.

Basically, what a fusker does is download numbered files from a web site. For example, I could give a fusker a command like “get[1337-1440].jpg" and it would download 1337.jpg, then 1338.jpg and so on until it got to 1440.jpg.

Once you start using it it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s basically a subset of the functionality of wget or curl with a simpler interface.

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@sushilovinfun I might be missing something, but can’t you just go to twitpic, type your search term and then download the whole page to your desktop(FF – File/save pageas…) ?

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@bobby78 But won’t that just download the thumbnail file? I would prefer to download the full original photo for fidelity’s sake.

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