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Has the hacker association "Anonymous" been hitting appropriate targets?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14625points) November 5th, 2011

It is the fifth of November, so they are on my mind.

Do you approve of their targets thus far?

Who would you like them to hit next with hacker attacks?

Do you disapprove of Hacker-activism in general?

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If they are attacking drug cartels then it’s fine by me. They should have a taste of modern PITA.

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Who would you suggest that we, I mean they hit?

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What are their targets?

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Alleged Child Porn Viewers In Latest Sting

From Wikipedia:
Visa, MasterCard and PayPal in conjunction with Anonymous’ DDOS attacks against companies deemed to lack support for Wikileaks.

“The have a chronology of all attacks as well.“

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