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Do you think I got the job?

Asked by scamp (13099points) May 13th, 2008

I interviewed today for a job that I really want, but I can’t really tell how it went. The man I interviewed with is the man I would work for, and he seemed like he was interested, but I got a few mixed signals, so I hope you can help me figure out what it means.
1. He kept me there for a full hour
2. He used positive words, such as This is what you will do here, and let me show you the program you will use.
3. He asked me for a ballpark figure of how much money I wanted, and said he would go to bat for me if the company offered too little.
4. he told me that he remembered talking to me on the phone when I ordered supplies for my current job from his company. (That was 6 months ago!)
5. he went over the benefit package with me a couple of times, as if he was selling the company to me.
6. He asked me to fill out paperwork for the background check.

Here is where I got confused as to whether or not I got it
He gave me his card, and asked me to give him a call in a week. Does this mean I got it, but I have to wait for the company to complete the background check as a formality? What do you think?

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He obviously wants you to get the job, but it doesn’t sound like he’s 100% in charge of that decision.

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It sounds like this hiring manager wants you for the job. He may just be cautious because he needs approvals etc. before making an offer.
Actually the business card and remembering you from your other job suggests he wants to hire you – even if he doesn’t get the budget or go-ahead this time, he’s giving you himself as a contact for future.

I’d be optimistic if I were you.

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Scamp! From reading this it really seems like he’s considering you and wants you to work for his company. He even remembered you too, 6 months ago! I think he just needs to probably talk it over with others and let them know. Good luck and good job.

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Thanks so much! He did bypass personnel to give me this interview. So maybe he needs to run it by them first. They still don’t have the job posted online yet. Look at all the benefits! I really hope I get this job.

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Sounds promising! Good luck!!!

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Congrats to scamp, finding a job in this economy isn’t easy. You must be very qualified and deserving.

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Thanks! I hope the company feels the same way you do! My SO works there. Whenever I saw his number on the caller ID, I answered as if I was on the job. He got a kick out of that, and this afternoon, he saw the man I interviewed with, and told him I was doing that. he seemed pleased. he said there is a good chance I will get it. And as some of you suggested, he is waiting to hear back from personnel.

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Just don’t forget to send a thank-you email to the person who interviewed you! I am on lots of hiring committees at my current job – you would be surprised how many people forget to send a thank-you email – and it does make a very big impression if you send a thoughtful note. Of course, it sounds like he already wants to hire you – but it’s still important!

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I would strongly agree w. occ’s advice but might suggesst a personal snail letter that says “Thank-you” and also lists briefly why you think that you would be a good fit-both for the job and the company. And mention that if you are offered the job, you would accept. (One page only.)

Fingers, toes and knees crossed…Gail

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your as good as hired!

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Thanks again to everyone. I already sent a very nice Thank you e-mail. and to Gail, I already told him during the interview why I felt I would be good for the company, and why I chose this company to apply for a job. I told him that I had to call as a client with a complaint some time ago, and I spoke to him personally at that time. I said I liked the way he handled my complaint and that he did a great job resolving my problem. I told him that during that conversation I thought he would be a great person to work with.

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@Scamp; no news yet? The suspense is killing me. Please let us know soonest. And I still think that a short letter of reaffirmation doesn’t hurt. I watched my ex (the Headmaster) read, interview and hire teachers and other staff. That little extra inch often helped when he was weighing two candidates of equal value. But it is certainly your call. After all, you were there and we weren’t.

You are terrific; what with the surgery, the decision to leave former job, the energy to be this far along in a new job and -a new grandchild coming. Not bad, I say.

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agree with everything Gail said!!! Let us know. And you are wonderful, keep it up.

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@ Gail and TheHaight, Thank you so much! You have warmed my heart with your kind words. I will write a letter in addition to the e-mail as you suggested Gail. I want to do everything I can to insure I get this job. The possibilities here are enormous. The company is in all 50 states, so even if I move, I can transfer. I will let you know the instant I find out. I won’t know anything until Tuesday because they have to complete my background check, and it has to go through personnel. But I do have high hopes because yesterday after I left he told my SO that he asked personnel to give me preferential treatment!

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WHOOO HOOO!! I got the job!!!! I start Tuesday the 27th, and I will be making $1,50 MORE an hour than the old job!! YAY!!! Thank you all so very much for your support!! I am jumping for joy!!!

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YYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! I’m SO thrilled for you!!
Congrats and lots of luck with it :)

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Thank you! I can’t tell you how excited I am!!!

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I can imagine – and now you should celebrate :)

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Oh I am, belive me! but my SO will have to scrape me off the ceiling first!

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Yay Scamp! I’m proud of ya! :D knew you would.

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Thanks so very much to all of you for your support. It gave me more confidence and helped me land the job of my dreams! I am still floating on a cloud. My SO has worked there for 16 years, and I will be making more than him. He’s kind of jealous about that. I told him him he should be proud because I couldn’t have done it without him.

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