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How to make a giant Jaffa Cake?

Asked by itsjustcruel (387points) November 6th, 2011

Any ideas on how I can go about making a huge Jaffa cake?
I thought that I could just make a normal sponge cake but cut it in half, and then just put melted chocolate over it once i have done the orangey bit. But how do I make the orange? Should I just use jelly and pour it into a cake tin the same size as the sponge?

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I would cut a hole in the cake the same size as a jelly mould, make the jelly in the mould then put it in the cake, make sure you put a bit of cake over the top before you pour chocolate on

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Thanks for this post, I am so glad to have found that ‘’ website. My life will never be the same!

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I’ve just lost an hour looking at that FANTASTIC website, can’t wait until I am next off work, guess what I will be doing!!

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I don’t know if I’ve had a jaffa cake in 40 years.

Let me see if I have it right:

jelly = gelatin
vanilla custard = vanilla pudding

I hate to say it but the picture of her stove and the wall next to it made me ill.

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