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Coffee maker Q - have experience with a Lavazza? Preferably the Saeco extra (Modo mio)

Asked by zensky (13372points) November 6th, 2011

To those who do not – yes, it sounds like an operetta: The Lavazza Modo Mio Saeco Extra – but it’s one of two very specific models (the other is the premium – another hundred bucks to not hold down the steam button for two seconds – it’s automatic – oh, and says Premium on it in big expensive lettering).

Have a coffee maker?

Have a Lavazza?

Have the exact model?

If so – I got a kveschin.

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No-one? I’m an orphan?

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I’m sorry so zensky. You seemed to be feeling bad so I just popped, at great personal risk of getting modded for being off-topic and unhelpful to say hi, friend. :-) I’m sorry no one here has the the Lavazza Modo Mio Saeco Extra with it’s fancy “Premium” label in big expensive lettering. Maybe she is not the coffee maker for you. She sounds the like the kind that would be done with you in a second if she found something better and leave you heartbroken. She’s a gold digger too, I think, charging you an extra $100 just to hold down the steam button for you herself. I think you’re better off without her.

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I have a coffee maker, but have only ever made Lavazza in one of those stovetop percolating dinguses.
What’s your question? We might be able to puzzle it out.

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LOL Thanks Lily and Nullo. I’ll go cry in my coffee.

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