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My Luve is weird.

Asked by Blobman (516points) May 13th, 2008

I know that you get +1 for joining and i got that and i got +5 for answering a quesion well. But i have 8 stars all together. It doesn’t say i got any for anything else but joining and answering

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you could have gotten points for visiting two days in a row :D

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Did you click on What’s Score next to your profile picture, and then click on Break it down? That should tell what you want to know.

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Go into your account. then click on “lurve for you. It will tell you how you got your points.

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The power of lurve is a curious thing…

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I did do what scamp said, but it said exactly this:

points Do you think they should make star wars episodes 7,8 and 9?
though there‚Äôs no way it would ever be as good a the first origional three (4, 5, and 6) he make a lot of money from them and it would…
7 months ago
+1 points for joining the collective! +1 points

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And you probably got a point for coming back on today. It might not show up in your account yet, but if that’s the case, there is your 8. ha ha! I just gave you a great answer, so now you have 11.

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Lurve greed will either help keep you on topic or it will turn you to the Dark Side of The Fluther.

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Lurve is like oxygen. You get too much you get too high, not enough and you’re gonna die.- Sweet

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lurve makes it competitive. I feel the lurve is handed out to frequently.

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@judochop: Is it supposed to be competitive? I thought it was supposed to be a collective.

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your losing.

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Does spelling (*too and *you’re) count?

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As Anna Mae asks (almost), “What’s lurve got to do with it?”

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somebody give me points for this answer. i aint had none in a while. point me now!

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@Buster; ah, groveling will get you nowhere with this crowd.

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Sorry, but I had to give him some lurve. As far as I know he is the only one brave enough to show his butt on Fluther! That kind of bravery can’t go unrewarded. J/K

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He is my best friend, but I give him no lurve unless he deserves it! Buster that answer sucked! No lurve here, on fluther, but you know I’ve got nothing but love for you!

Good call gail! +5!

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Okay Buster, time to return the favor. (of course, that’s cheating, isn’t it?)

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@scamp; hang around for a while. You will see that Buster is not alone…If my memory holds. there are no body parts that are sacred. Altho, “kiss my elbow” doesn’t wash, does it? Or “stick it up your left nostril”?

(My four-year old nephew was recently taken to the ENT to have a pea removed from nose. Three days later he was back in the ER with a blue crayon jammed up same nostril.”

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When I first joined I was lurving for points, then I asked myself: what do I get for getting more points? What if I don’t get any, what will happen to me? I realized points are trivial if I don’t get my ego fulfilled. So I decided I am here to socialize, get new buddies, have fun and learn from the Collective. So I would say, just have fun -just do it!

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Speaking of Lurve behaving oddly…..this morning I thought I’d been in a 3 day coma. When I logged in there were 3×1* for visiting 2 days in a row….....
I’m pretty sure only one of them added to the overall score, but there’s 3 listings.

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again. my lurve still doesn’t add up right. i have 16 over all points
but it says +5 +5 +3 +1

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