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If I get harassed by a blocked number can I legally find out what number the harassment came from?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10214points) November 6th, 2011

I think that harassing phone calls are criminal behavior. If you do that to someone it is a crime, not a joke. Especially if it is a private residence.

Now this has happened to me. If it happens again I’ll equip myself to find out who has decided to act this way.

What I’m wondering for now is can I find out who made this call in the first place? If the answer is no then why not??

Am I to believe that a harassing phone call is acceptable behavior whose consequence is only on the victim??

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Cell or land line received the call?

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How harassing? Because I think the only way is to report it to the police, so it does have to be police-involvement level of harassing.

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I NEVER answer “unknown” callers. Once I did and no one was there. Then for the next six month telemarketers called out of no where… refinance, window replacement, extended auto warranties… and they hijacked my text messaging too. Dozens of texts each week for time sharing and check cashing.

I figure the “unknown” calls are just info bots determining if anyone answers that phone. Then they sell my number to telemarketers. Took months for it to go away. Never again.

I don’t even answer numbers that I don’t recognize. Leave a message if you really need to talk to me.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies yah. Lesson learned. But there is trap call. A new app.

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The police can pull your calling information. Your cell phone service provider can do the same too. Try starting with your provider first, they can put a block on the “unknown” signal. If they say they can’t help, just go to your local police authority or courthouse and file a complaint.

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If the caller is truly harassing you you should make a police report. Also call your cell service provider. You will not get the assistance you would if you were receiving the calls on a land line. But, there is a record of every call received on your number. It would take a subpoena to get it.
This is my opinion; not legal advice.

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You can keep a whistle on a string around your neck. If the harrassment is not a recording, you can answer the call and blow the whistle into their ear. It hurts. Not a legal means, but it works if there’s a real person on the other end.

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The FCC maintains a Do Not Call List, where you can register your number. There is a procedure for filing complaints online in the event that telemarketers call after your number has been added to the list.

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What @Moegitto said. There is no such thing as a “blocked number” ... at least, if you’re dealing with something other than a dummy phone (disposable cell.)

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I don’t think you can find out the number (legally), but the police can.

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@Moegitto is right, the police can subpoena your cell phone provider for that information, even if it’s blocked the number shows up in the providers history files…

it’s happened to me, sorry to hear about this, because I know it’s frustrating as hell.

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@snowberry So… a Digital rape whistle of sorts? I would pipe feedback in and blow their cpeaker.

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On a lighter note, android has an app that lets you play certain sounds over the phone. Sadly, I’ve been pranked by this alot. It works by you pressing a button on your phone while in a call, and a sound that you choose before your in a call plays. It depends on the app, but the sounds get pretty far out (Sex, LOUD explosions, sound clips from tv/movie shows). My friend called me one time and while we were talking he played sex sounds real low, I thought I was imagining things until he finally asked why I kept pausing, lol.

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Maybe this is helpful

Also check your privacy laws for your state and call the non emergency number at your local
Police station..they can help you.

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