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What kind of wacky wedding could you come up with?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25895points) November 6th, 2011

By wacky I don’t mean anything so disrespectful that it trashes the meaning of this otherwise romantic and sacred event…totally. By wacky I mean, unusual but still romantic or funny yet exhilarating and somewhat outrageous but still has that √©lan. This could be your own wedding or for someone else dear to you.

Think big, classy and extravagant or small yet intriguing. Would there be dancing, singing or a priest parachuting?

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I always thought a Halloween wedding would be fun, followed with a pig roast and bonfire. Everyone would attend in costume, and our flower girl and ring bearer would throw candy at the guests when they walked down the aisle.

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I think a zero gravity wedding would be kind of cool.

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On a roller coaster, on top of a mountain or underwater!!

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Underwater – everyone would either scuba or at least snuba.

Okay, the grannies could be on a glass bottom boat.

Now I just need a woman.

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In Hawaii on a cliff overlooking the blue ocean with only the minimum of people there, a wedding to me is about the couple and not the party.

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A “Kill Bill” wedding, only replace the bullets with paintballs!
Bang bang, she shot me down
Bang bang, my face is brown…....

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I don’t know if I can think of anything whacky, but I like the idea of a theme wedding that really captures the couple. I guess if it were my husband and me it would likely be something to do with cars, because that is his obsession and hobby. Maybe a wedding in a car dealership? Or, a destination wedding to Porsche in Germany where guests spend the weekend driving the autobahn or a racetrack and then ending with the wedding on Sunday. The thing is my husband loves Porsches, and I cannot imagine having a wedding at a Porsche anything while my grandmother had been alive. I don’t think I could do it even so, even though we are a Porsche family. Conflicted. Maybe Ferrari or Maserati? Yeah, italy sounds fantastic.

@jonsblond A woman I worked with had a Medieval wedding, about 80 guests, everyone in costume.

@zensky I think I once heard of a scuba wedding.

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Something historical would really suit me and where I live. (would go along with that castle in Scotland… wink wink).

But, I would completely have some sort of pagan binding ceremony, if I was to it again.

‘Celebrating a union unfettered by Church or State’ sounds more like my type of wedding.

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Justice of the Peace, wedding supper of Chinese food at the witness’s house while around rhe table while that family indulged in a feud as their younger sister mooned over Bruno, her latest twice her age boyfriend.

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I remember watching some old show about 10 years ago that may have been a “Ripleys Believe it or Not” or something similar. There was a couple really into body piercing. They hung themselves on HOOKS for their wedding. The bride started going into shock towards the end of the ceremony and needed to go to the hospital for a pint or two of blood. It really stuck in my head. I almost got sick just seeing it on TV. I can’t imagine what the guests who weren’t into that did.

How about a circus theme wedding where the wedding party comes out of a clown car dressed as clowns instead of walking down the aisle. The minister jumps through a flaming hoop and the bride and groom swing out on a trapeze and complete their vows on a highwire?

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Alice in Wonderland wedding.

Dancing wedding.

Alternative universe wedding (through the Orange Tree)

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How about a wedding with a musical production theme, with the bridal party dressed as the main characters and the audience coming as chorus characters? I’m thinking Guys and Dolls or Oklahoma, something that ends well. You could use the music from the show, maybe changing the lyrics. The reception could follow the theme with its food (pastrami, etc for G&D and country kitchen for O.

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Well I quite like the idea of a circus wedding, with my family it wouldn’t be too far off that. But I am due to get married on the 5th December and I did ask my SO if we could have a Christmas themed wedding, with me dressing as Mrs Santa, and him being my elf (he is 4 inches shorter than me….very apt) but he didn’t agree, so we just having a winter wonderland instead. Reindeer, snow and all.

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My response was what my actual wedding was. There wasn’t even a picture. And we eloped in our own city. Why did all of that transpire? My husband was a “lapsed” Catholic age 27 and I was a non believing 23 year old damaged girl at the time.

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Leap Day: That’s the day we eloped. ;) Wacky enough for us!

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