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How many Bachelor Degrees do you have? Who studied what? :)

Asked by Sher_King (461points) November 7th, 2011

I have a BA in communication studies. Now im thinking about persuing a BA in psychology. Im wondering, who has studied what? How many times have you changed your academic status?

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BA in Marketing.

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BS in Business Economics

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BS in Mathematics

I originally thought I wanted to go into nursing, but I quickly changed my mind and stuck with math after that.

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BA in Liberal Arts, MLS (library science)

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BA in Liberal Arts (concentration in Astronomy, minor in French). It turned out to be a surprisingly useful degree because Sputnik was launched the year before I graduated; the US government was hiring anyone (with generous salaries) who knew the difference between a parsec and a light year.

Years after my first job at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, I went on to teach French to third and fourth graders.

The degree also trained me to read, think, write, speak and dream with some skill and some art.

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PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) earned at school of life.

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None. I’m not academically capable of getting a degree.

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BS in Nursing.

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Bmus, in er, music! PGCE (post graduate certificate of education) in primary education.

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I only have one BA. I also have a Master’s Degree.

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I’m halfway though BA in Psychology/Philosophy. I find that some university’s don’t actually teach people the fun stuff until 4th year of studies. I studied some material on common street and beverage drug effects, labeling a self made Plasticine brain and some info on the eye and perception. I never got the Hand of using APA format for referencing material and it is required to move to the next level. Community and social Psychology is fun. I found I liked Philosophy more because I love writing essays and having debates and discussions on fun topics.

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No degrees.

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@CWOTUS And still one smart dorgie!

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BA in Sociology. Applying to grad school for MA in Soc/Public Policy.

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B.A. in Elementary Education.

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Just one. B.A. in Computer Science.

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1+ ? I have a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Used to work in R&D labs in silicon valley writing software that’s smack up against the hardware, usually in assembler. Sorta the maternity ward in companies like that, machines upchucking and pooping on themselves in the most ungraceful fashion, but ya love ‘em anyway.

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Double major criminal justice and paralegal studies as well as a juris doctor degree.

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BFA in communication design.

Unfinished MFA in design theory.

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I’m working on my BA in Biology.

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Ooh, I just realized (as this thread became active again), that I now have a finished MFA in graphic design. A lot’s changed since 2011.

Congratulations @VenusFanelli. Keep plugging.

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@cookieman Oops! For a minute I thought this was still the discussion about sex and had a chuckle.

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@janbb: Wait, there’s a sex discussion?!

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^^ The one about how often is normal for a couple.

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Heh. Who wants to be a “normal” couple?

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