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Anything you want to tell the CIA?

Asked by filmfann (48265points) November 7th, 2011

In the news this weekend, it turns out the CIA is monitoring Social Media Sites. Here is a link to the news story.
So, step up and let Jack Bauer know what you think.

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If it’s Jack then, “Wanna f**k?”
Jack only people!

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Gosh, I thought that was a given a long time ago!!! ;-)

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They already know what I’m thinking.

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@JilltheTooth Lol….wtf was that?

I have nothing to hide, unless they’re doing Palmer raids again.

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The eagle has landed. I repeat: the eagle has landed.

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<—————He went that’away———————->

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Hey, keep your eye on that hippie mountain gal with a frizzer full of happy brownies.
She is training spy geese and is working on a special projectile goose guano bio-warfare weapon that will change the course of life as we know it.

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Yes. When killing people with armed drones in foreign countries it would be… polite?... to work out who the fuck you are killing before you actually start shooting instead of assuming that any group of more than three people are terrorists. There’s a chance that if you were to do this then there’d be less pissed off people becoming terrorists in the first place.

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How’s that torture working out for you all?

“Under CIA supervision, Miller and Jessen adapted SERE into an offensive program designed to train CIA agents on how to use the harsh interrogation techniques to gather information from terrorist detainees.”

….“Many other techniques developed by the CIA constitute inhuman and degrading treatment and torture under the United Nations Convention against Torture and Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.”

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Anytime I want to tell the CIA something, I say it out loud in my house.
I like to just say hi every now and then.

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Don’t blame me, the voices made me do it.

also: I have an uncle who is Jack Bauer’s doppelganger. If Jack Bauer needs to be replaced give me a ring and I can sort out a replacement no problem.

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Love the suits!

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Geese in black. ;-)

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I know someone who grew up across the street from the entrance to Langley. In other words, I know where you work!

Er, I know someone who knows where you work—what’s a degree of separation between… Americans?

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If you people could find it in your hearts to not kidnap me from my home in the dark of night and whisk me off to an undisclosed location for enhanced interrogation it will be much appreciated….and..umm…..keep up the good work guys.

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I killed a buncha people once.

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@Ayesha Does it help that my real name is Jack?

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@Symbeline Shouldn’t that be…
“I once killed a bunch of people”?

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Symbeline only killed them once.

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No. I said it exactly how I wanted to say it. Grammar be damned.

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Hey Jack, Zen here: you don’t scare me – google already has everything on me.

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I want my Girlfriend’s G-String back.

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