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Do you think the 20K mansion dwellers should be put to work?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6431points) November 7th, 2011

What I mean is, should the 20K folks be assigned to matching letters of the alphabet for mentoring N00bies?

For example, if a veteran’s avatar starts with the letter A, should person(s) from these senior levels be then assigned to a N00b whose alphabet letter is also A.

What I was thinking of, is that when a veteran sees a new person join, wouldn’t it be nice etiquette for the vet to get in touch with the person and welcome them, and invite that person to contact them if at any time they need help understanding something about fluther or if they just need some moral support, some tips on how to present or a little encouragement when feathers get ruffled. Stuff like that.

It could also be done on a volunteer basis where mansion dwellers come forward and “sign up” with the site administration for such a noble task?

Just some thoughts. It might be useful; I know I would have liked that.

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Sounds like a nice idea to me. Having foundered around for months trying to figure out how things worked, I would have welcomed that. This is the first and only social site I’ve ever been on.

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I think the 20k-ers should be put to work for the 30k-ers!

Seriously though, a voluntary mentoring program might be a good idea.

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I don’t think 20k-ers should have to work. We already work. We didn’t get 20k just sitting around on our asses doing nothing. :-) I’d be willing to do it, though I’m not sure I have the temperament for it. I don’t always have as much patience as I would like. But it does sound like a good idea. Having been here for a while, I forget how difficult is was at the beginning.

And @janbb I would be your slave any day! :-)

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Only if we also get to beat them with a stick occassionally.

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@lillycoyote Peel me a grape and fan me then!

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Some people are not really open to mentoring.

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I think it is a charming idea.
It might feel a bit pressuring to 20K’ers though, to know they have to chaperone a newbie from scratch.
Also, some Jellies already do what you are suggesting I know I have been taken by the hand by some good members, but they do it because they have learned that a certain new member is one to their heart and they do it voluntarily.
Voluntarily is the key, in my opinion.

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Maybe there could be a label or something for the jellies interested in doing it. Or they could list it as a topic.

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I think this most likely already goes on. I am sure plenty of members drop notes to newbies and offer up a bit of guidance or fluther friendship.

But, isn’t this what the mods are for?

Personally I like to get a “feel” for a new member for awhile. Observe their interaction as I have zero desire to fraternize with frootloops and psychos of which a few psychiatric jellies do flow into the serene tide pool on occasion. lol

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It sounds good in theory, but the last couple of Noobs I’ve tried to mentor, turned out to be Trolls : (

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I stumbled upon fluther, and I did get a couple welcomes after I responded but basically as welcomed as the flowers on mockingbird hill.

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I’d hold on to any potential move of this sort until…....ooh I dunno, maybe the new year.
Giving me time to break through the 30k barrier & allowing me to wallow like a slob!

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My friend showed me this site and told me about it and guided me through. I don’t think I would have been a good Jelly without the help.
But some new people might not be receptive to the idea of help as soon as they come in. Might be a bit intimidating. But, maybe if when signing up, the people opt in for a mentor, it would work. And you would have to have 20Kers volunteer.

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I used to watch the list along the side of the page and go to each new user to welcome them and suggest they would be able to get more enjoyment out of it if they browse the links at the bottom of every page.

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@janbb Might you enjoy traveling in one of these, Milady? I would be glad to oblige, except that I can’t carry you around in it by myself.

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@lillycoyote ‘Twould be lovely and fitting: I’m sure some other 20k-ers would be happy to accommodate.

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If people want to volunteer, I say, “fine.” I don’t care if 10k or 5k people do the mentoring. I think they’ll all do a pretty good job. Of course, the mentees will need to agree. We shouldn’t force mentoring on them.

But I don’t believe in slavery. Only volunteers. Only people with time.

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We really like the idea of a volunteer ‘ambassador’ program. It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a while, and would love to implement. It’s just the details that need to be worked out.

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I expected this to be about 20K mansion dwellers being the 1%. Occupy Fluther. :D

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Heck I’ll go for it, since I haven’t even seen anyone else with a name that starts with X

and I’m not in 20k.


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I’ll take the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Only if they want to. I don’t think it should be compulsory.

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So official, Simone.

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@laureth The redistribution of lurve by rewriting lurve policy, simply to pick the pockets of those of us with 20k or more, is socialism, pure and simple. I hope you’re not advocating that! You’re one of us! People with less lurve can only increase their own lurve by giving more lurve to people who already have a lot of lurve. That’s obvious! Do the math! :- )

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@Qingu will get off easy too…

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But Fluther is a commune – we’re communists, @lillycoyote

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@zensky You’re right dear, of course, as always. Fluther is goddam collective. A veritable, virtual kibbutz of questioners and questions, and of answerers and answers. But I’m not giving up my lurve. You may not care about it, you may find that it possibly corrupts you, but I intend to hold onto mine. :-)

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You can’t take it with you.

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You can’t? I was banking it for Heaven.

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I’m sure a lot of people would fuck this up. What started as a warm welcome slowly turns into the mentors telling people they are fucking up. And from the outside it looks like fluther condones it since they are the appointed “welcome wagon”.

At least now when people give each other shit the mods can say that they don’t control the private messages.

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I’m too much of an outlier to make a good mentor. Nifty idea, though…

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