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If someone tries to secretly cheat at a game you're playing, what do you do?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23150points) November 7th, 2011

Do you call them a cheater and quit playing, or do you use the same methods and beat them at their own game to teach them a lesson?

I’m positive now that my brother is using some sort of cheat thing for Words with Friends. Schmuck.

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With one person in particular I tried using the same method to beat her, but I found it really boring and unsatisfying. Now I just don’t play with her.

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I call them on it. If I know what they are doing. I keep my mouth shut until I know though. Don’t want to tip your hand.

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I will play dumb and try to win at their game. So great when you win anyways.

If I still happen to lose, I just say something like, “And I really thought I could win even with you cheating since the first hand (for example). ”

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I would no longer play with that person, and if they asked me why, I would tell them I suspected that they were cheating.

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I call them out on it and then stop playing because I’d have no further interest. If it was in mixed company then I’d call them out on it and let the others decide if they wanted to continue playing or not.

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I smash their fucking face in, and drink their blood.

Actually I just confront them. I can’t actually remmeber many instances where this happened though, but when it DID, I confronted them. It usually ends a game, or we start playing straight again. Thing is, in these instances, it was friends being silly or joking around, so nothing serious ever came of it. Just good laughs. I’ve been known to cheat at games too lol. Or press start on the controller when someone is highlighting Dhalsim offa Street Fighter games. XD

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That’s why i stopped playing all together, so many people were cheating. The numbers they were pulling in were impossible. I mean I read these peoples statuses everyday I know their vocabulary.

Bottom line, stop playing with him. Cheaters ruin games for everyone.

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Say “Stop cheating!!!!!”

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I agree with @Symbeline. It’s your brother. Call him out in front of all the guests at Thanksgiving. Then, when he denies it, throw yourself across the table at him, knocking over plates and the turkey and all the cranberries onto his nice suit and white shirt. Knock him on the floor and start pounding his head on the floor.

When the cops show up, pull a Sybil act and act all nice and surprised about what happened to your brother. Volunteer to take him to the hospital, or ride in the ambulance with him. Hold his hand. Hopefully he will only have a concussion and won’t remember what happened.

Come on. Fess up! That’s what you really wanted, right? Permission to let it all hang out?

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I’d point it out like there’s no tomorrow and stop the game. I’m very competitive. And sometimes you can’t beat them at their own cheat because if you get caught, you’re completely screwed and no one’s gonna believe you

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The wife is a notorious cheat whenever we all play monopoly.
It’s actually quite a gift she’s got going on there, she still never wins!!
The kids & I just laugh it up, sometimes right in her face.

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