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Has your physical appearance changed radically over your lifetime?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) November 7th, 2011

Are you now perceived as much more, or alternatively, much less attractive than you were in your formative years by others?

Have you been treated significantly different by others as a result?

Has your self image adapted to the changes, or are you still surprised by the actions and reactions of others towards your appearance?

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Hmmm… I don’t know if I’m more or less attractive.

Gay men hit on me less than they did when I was younger. But straight women hit on me more now that I’m older… at least I think they do

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Nope. I hope I stay this way for a while longer. :/

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I use to be 5’2.5 inches. I am now 5’1.5 inch. That is radical. Serious.

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I like to think of myself as the ugly duckling who bloomed into a beautiful swan.

@bkcunningham, LOL I can relate to that. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and the nurse asked how tall I was. I told her 5’3–½. She measured and said, sorry, you’re now 5’2. sigh!

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No. Apparently I look the same as I did in grade school. I have had people come up to me and know me from grade school and I have no idea who they are.

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Not yet. It’s coming, I can see it but it’s not affecting anyone around me yet.

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yes several times…. i’ve gone from an unattractive person to a very attractive person to a moderately attractive person. Its changed the way people interact with me because its changed the way I have interacted with people.

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I wouldn’t say any of my physical changes are all that radical, since they should be, for I’m so young, but from my perspective, they are, indeed, radical. So, yes.

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In high school, I weighed 110 pounds. I now weigh 160. Seemd like excessive weight gain but, actually. I looked like a 12-year-old boy in high school and now all that weight is in my curves. I think I’m much more attractive now than I was then indeed, I thought I was incredibly ugly then, but I keep encountering boys from my past who assure me that I was not ugly but I’m also much more confident, which somehow translates to my physical attractiveness.

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I look the exact same, except the hair style has changed. It’s kind of freaky actually how similar I have stayed throughout the years.

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In high school I was awkward as fuck. Also, went through all the bad phases (baggy clothes, pixie cuts, etc).

Now that I’ve figured out my own style, I look pretty cute, but still younger than my age… which often leads to being taken less seriously.

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Well…I was skinnier and much more ‘girly’ when I was younger. 2 pregnancies and anti-depressants led to a weight gain but that’s never made anyone else think I look worse. Only I think I look worse. My body is one of those that can carry +/- 50 pounds and it doesn’t really matter, to others. In other ways, I look the same. My face and my hair sometimes makes me look like I’m 16.

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Probably. whenever I see pictures of people I grew up with i always think…damn, they went to shit already…so I probably have also.

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I think I look mostly the same, and I get treated the same as I always have.

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I look very similar to how I always have. The biggest difference is I gained some weight, I am about two sizes bigger than when I was in my 20’s, I am 43 now. A few more wrinkles, but my husband says not bad for my age, and that I have plateaued considering I had more wrinkles than a typical 23 year old when he met me. I also notice how much thinner my hair is, but I don’t think other people notice a large difference. My style is still very similar also.

I get treated pretty much the same as I always have been.

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I am told, in all modesty (well, I guess not so much – but read on) that I was extremely handsome when I was younger. I know I was in tremendous shape as I was an athlete and had a David Beckham body until my late twenties.

The women I have been with in the last decade have all complimented me – my partner of many years said she thinks I look better today than I did then (remember: I am not my avatar) – however, to your question – I don’t think so, i.e., I no longer think I am good looking.

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Yes, I looked cute as a baby. Now I simply make sure i am intact.

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You can still see the girl in me, yes, but, I am over 50 now. It is what it is.
I feel I still look pretty youthful, but, ya know, what REALLY keeps you young is being cheery, vibrant and smiling a LOT.

Happiness IS the true fountain of youth and it is amazing as we get older to see the difference between same or similarly aged peeps and what a vast difference there is in presentation, not just on the physical level, but the entire energy aura level.
Shit..I haven’t measured myself for a long time, I wonder if I am starting to shrink too. Gah! reminder to measure myself soon. lol

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Beware, @Coloma, my shrinking awareness came about in the exact way @AmWiser described. At the doctor’s office. Maybe the standard for an inch has changed and no one told me.

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Side note – though I still look pretty much the same, I can no longer wipe my own ass. I am told this is officially called “old”. I resemble that remark.

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@bkcunningham Seriously..I am going to measure myself tomorrow! :-/


Yes, quite a bit actually. As a kid, I was near obese. Double-chinned, pot-bellied, and overweight. I was made fun of a lot as a kid. I was also nerdy, clumsy, and bad at gym.

When I was about 15, I went on a diet, exercised and shed the pounds. I took up swimming and got into competitions. By 20, I had won quite a few competitions. I changed from being fat and clumsy to having a nice muscled physique. I actually look great in Speedos! Lol. People whom I haven’t met in years couldn’t believe it was me when they saw me. They thought I was “another person”. It was weird.

I continue to swim (though not competitively) and speedskate (in winter). It keeps me young too. ;)

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I wouldn’t say radically, but I have undergone some significant changes. I mean, when I was in middle school, I was super scrawny, I was the shortest boy in my grade each year, etc., and that’s changed. I’m still not that tall, but my days of being 5’1” as a teenager are over. Additionally, I am far from the scrawny kid I once was; I don’t like to brag, but I like to think my regular visits to the gym have been paying off :)

Other than that, my nose isn’t getting any smaller and my hairstyle is one of two and it has been for many years :)


@DominicX Do brag! You deserve it! You look great. ;)

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This isn’t a radical change, nor one that really happened over a long period of time, but it seems that people are more apt to talk to me since I dyed my hair pink. I sort of expected the opposite, but was pleasantly surprised. I guess it’s a good conversation starter. Though now I have blue hair, so I’m waiting to see if this has any interesting effects.

The only other real changes are obvious changes – in middle school, I was a little ‘hot topic goth’ that had bad hair and bad make-up, and now I’m…not…? I’ve also lost a bit of weight, I think. I was a very chubby kid, but I think I’ve lost a bit of that, as well as getting taller and my proportions evening out better.

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A few months ago I was pale, way too skinny, and had horrible posture. Now I am still pale but not in an unhealthy way, still too skinny but not as bad, and I stand straight. Does that count? I don’t think I’ve changed an enormous amount except I went through a really awkward phase around 12–13 that I fortunately grew out of. But we all do that.

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I’ve gotten better looking since I was young. Of course my eyesight has deteriorated somewhat.
I guess that when I’m in my 90’s I’ll be devastatingly handsome but also mostly blind.

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