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How and what to price one's art photography?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) May 13th, 2008

I just put together my first photography portfolio and am about to begin visiting art galleries soon. I want to have some idea of how to price my own work (most are abstract 8“x10” & 11“x14” color giclee prints, in a limited/signed edition (edition quantity to be determined).

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Well like Andy Warhol said…“Art is whatever you can get away with” so “price it at whatever you can get away with”. Seriously, art pricing is completely arbitrary. Any gallery that will show your work will certainly give you pricing suggestions. The gallery has a vested interest in pricing your work right so listen to them. If your pieces sell very quickly, then consider raising the price. If they don’t, lower the price.

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I like reed’s advice. Start as high as you can, even if it sounds seems ridiculous. I’m sure there’s been numerous studies, I wish I had one to cite, about that cetrain allure a very pricey piece of art carries vs. something underpriced.

I don’t know, see what you can get away with. It’s tough though. I’m facing the same issue and something unpleasant I fear might be hearing someone at an opening mention how overpriced my art is, or how it’s not worth what I’m asking. Perhaps part of it is just having the confidence in knowing that your work is worth every penny.

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Here are some data points:
On the lower end direct sales:
Gallery represented:

While Reed and peedub are right about sometimes you price high to establish value, if you are an unsold, unknown artist, you are going to have to trust your representation and listen to them as reed suggested. Ask them to explain how they came up with their suggested pricing strategy and ask them to show you comparables (others’ work).

Good luck.

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my wife and I buy art. We have never paid the asking price. Start high and negotiate.

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