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Is there anything as pure and beautiful as the face of your child as he sleeps?

Asked by zensky (13357points) November 7th, 2011

My son is sleeping, the angel.

It’s 5 a.m. – and he sleeps the rest of champions. He won a big game last night – and played over for 30 minutes. Came home at ten p.m., but was so wired he played another hour of b-ball in the neighbourhood court.

His little face is angelic indeed. He is pure of thought, of heart.

Nothing to me is more lovely, nay, more exciting even. I could spend all day just looking at him and feel I missed out on nothing.

Unconditional love does that, eh?

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No. Wait, when his eyes are open but he’s still sleepy is better.

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The face of your significant other (I don’t have kids, but love the wimenz).

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I must confess, @zensky and @Simone_De_Beauvoir, I have experienced something just as, if not more pure and beautiful. The face of my granddaughter sleeping.

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Monica Bellucci.

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yeah that’s pretty beaut

I also found the moment of birth quite beautiful… amidst the pain, the blood, the goo, the gasp for air, the cut chord… was most beautiful experience of mine… twice.


I love watching my two little ones sleeping. I sometimes wonder what they’re dreaming about at such a young age. They look so vulnerable, so helpless, yet so sweet I want to pick them up and kiss them. But then I’d wake them up. lol…erg.

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I agree totally, like Roger Whittaker’s “Tiny angels….(Christmas) angels song” so beautifully communicates this.

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Especially when they are babies who finally fell asleep after walking the floor with them for two hours. :-) But seriously, I miss those days when my babies were safe in my home. Once they leave, it’s gone forever.

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Even better is when it’s your grandchild. :-)

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My children are also beautiful sleepers. One friend once told me that God made your children beautiful while they sleep so that you don’t kill them when they’re awake. I’ve found that true too.

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The face of my son asleep cheek to cheek with my sleeping wife! Sigh…I hate to wake them up but it is a school nite….

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Oh yes! Nothing sweeter. A miraculous creation.

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I love my sons laugh, his little mannerisms when he’s watching an action scene in a movie.
I love my daughters expression right after she sneezes, it’s like “Where am i? What just happened?”
I have a few photos of them sleeping, particularly when they were younger & well…...awwwww!!!

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When he looks at me and smiles. That is the most beautiful thing.

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Yes, the faces of twins when they are both sleeping at the same time :-)

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