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What makes a good heist movie?

Asked by morf (31points) November 8th, 2011

What elements are most important to the ‘heist’ movie genre? They mostly seem to be the same – and I’m wondering what makes the good ones stand out?

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Big name actors and actresses, and the ability of the production, cast, and plot to make it seem realistic. The Town is a good example. It wasn’t cheesy, it had notable people in it, and they made it look realistic.

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Money can buy you great actors, great script, great special effects…It all comes down to cash.

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The same things that make any movie good:

For the ‘heist’ genre, I suppose you also need a worthy target for the heist, something so special that it can’t be gotten through some other way. (A ‘heist’ of a lemonade stand isn’t so exciting as a heist of the Mona Lisa, for example.)

The plot has to be complex and intriguing, and it helps if there are multiple deceptions, too: double- and triple-cross, for example.

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It needs to be called The Italian Job.
For the bewildered among us, i’m clearly referring to the original film starring Michael Caine.

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Nothing. I hate heist movies. They celebrate stealing.

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I think Bandits is a good example. If it has a lot of tension, intrigue, and you question where loyalties lie, I think it makes a good heist.

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Death of both bad and good guys from blazing guns. Hot looking women.

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- The opening credits should use Helvetica font.
– There should be a scene in which a man mutters, “hell no!”.
– An expensive red car should be blown up.
– Two old ladies should have a lengthy conversation about squirrels getting into their bird feeder.
– A man with a baseball cap should at some point make a grilled cheese sandwich. Note: Cheddar cheese should be used.

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A jazz soundtrack.

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The thieves have to be nice.
The person their stealing from has to be a bastard who has it coming to them.

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