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What's a good, extensive DRM-free ebook library?

Asked by unused_bagels (1749points) November 8th, 2011

I run ubuntu linux, so my choices on book-buying are terribly limited and uncomfortable, with all the DRM encoding I have to remove for books I legally own. There has to be another way. I’ve been to many DRM-free sites, but they just have public/project gutenberg titles or books I don’t want. Is there a site that has a library comparable to Sony’s store (I have a PRS-300 but sony’s reader program doesn’t work on linux) or Amazon’s collection on Kindle?

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If a book you’re looking for is published under a restrictive license and/or bundled with a DRM scheme, there will not be any legal way for you to get it without.
That’s not to say there aren’t ways, but ones that we can’t talk about on this site because they are illegal.

You already know about, which is probably the best and most extensive such library available. If you would specify what sort of books you are looking for, then we might be able to help you find such titles free and legally- for example, Baen Books has a pretty large selection of DRM-free science-fiction titles.

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Really, I want all sorts of books. self-help books, instructional fiction writing/scriptwriting books, sci fi is fun, e-versions of books I already own (mostly sci fi and fantasy). Baen looks good, but I don’t think they have Heinlein and Niven. Why would an author only have DRM books?

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