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Whats it mean when a man winks at a woman?

Asked by crossflower (9points) November 8th, 2011

A customer comes into my work and everytime he sees me there he will wink at me and smile. This morning I took my boyfriend there to get breakfast, and the customer came in and winked, smiled, and would turn around and keep looking at me? Of course I smiled when he did it. So what does it mean and am I wrong for smiling back at him when he does it?

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Winking is generally indicative of flirting.

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It’s never wrong to smile.

Now get back to work and stop teasing the customers.

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My brother had a friendly (not flirting) wink. It was really sweet. Then he married a jealous woman. His wink is gone and it seems a part of his jolly spirit is gone too.

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He has something in his eye or has a pressing need to be sued for sexual harassment.

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He’s flirting.

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Depends on what proceeded the wink. Sometimes I will wink at my daughter when I don’t agree with my husband and agree with her instead. Sometimes a wink can mean that you support their point of view but you don’t want to say so verbally because you don’t want to really get involved.
Or sometimes I wink if I want to indicate I have the big Joker in spades. LOL
I have also been known to wink if I have something in my hands and I have something in my eyes and I can’t rub it.
Sometimes I wink when I think someone said something witty.
Sometimes I wink at my dog when he winks at me. (Funny thing is he will wink back at me.)
Or I wink at my husband with a slight nod when I want to go somewhere private and don’t want to draw attention. (Which can mean I’m flirting with him or we need to discuss something privately)
As for in your case, he probably is just lightly flirting. It only is wrong if you smile and hand him your number. Nothing wrong with smiling. It just means your flattered.

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It mans he finds you attractive. Smile back, if you like. Just remember you are in control of the situation.

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A wink and smile shows he notices you and likes you in a non-creepy, friendly way. Unless you indicate interest, most likely nothing else will come of your interactions. Nodding or smiling back in appropriate.

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He has something in his eye

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You are not wrong for smiling back even though he probably puts you in an uncomfortable position while you are at work. I get this at my job to and I think it is rude and really unappealing and I don’t smile back. I just act very transactional and business like because don’t want this skeez ball thinking he can flirt with me and that I just have to be nice to him because I am at work. It’s kinda gross and I’m not getting paid to flirt.He can get his jollys on a street corner for all I care. Hhahaha!

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sometimes its just a hello, sometimes just to bug a girl but nearly all times its when they are attracted to them.

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